Jul 072010

WWWW Wednesdays

Dedicated to my friend Cheryl !


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ME?  SHOULD BE DOING WHAAATTT!??!  Falling Off Chair Laughing
Well, anybody that knows me knows I DO NOT READ unless the mood strikes me and  usually it’s in the winter time, so I saw this and I’ve decided to give you my version of it if only this one time!  ~hehe~
**What are you currently reading?

        Summary of Benefits for my Health Insurance – anybody have a decipher machine???  Better yet how bout a match!!!

**What did you recently finish reading?

        My check registry.  Don’t anyone will be using that anytime soon for a balancing beam!  They’d fall and break their neck!

**What do you think you’ll read next?
           Probably my e-mail for a good laugh.   Had an e-mail yesterday said my Internet bill wasn’t paid because I must’ve changed my bank, credit card or password.  It wanted me to click on a link that was only going to be good for less than 24 hrs., and put in all my information before my internet was deactivated!  Laughing 1 HA!  WHEN DONKEYS FLY!!!! 

        ALL YOU NON-READERS OR READERS IF YOU’D LIKE TO PLAY ALONG – COME ON AND JUMP ON MY BAND WAGON!  WHAT THE HECK!  LET’S HAVE SOME FUN!  Just answer our three questions with whatever pops into your head!  Go visit your neighbor & see what’s in their head (if anything)!!  Don’t forget too leave a laugh or two and follow if you have a mind too!  No pressure people just good clean fun!  BORING!!!   ALRIGHT, WHO’S TELLING DIRTY JOKES?
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  7 Responses to “W…W…W… WEDNESDAY!?!”


    OMG!!! I am holding my sides because they hurt from laughing so hard…..PIMP….where are those damn Depends…..LMAO….Since you have been on stage before…ever think of doing comedy? You are too funny. I think you should made this a weekly for non-readers….ROFL



    Yeah, please send the dicepherer my way, if you find one!!!!


    I can NOT even believe you!


    LMAO! That is hilarious!


    lol, very funny!


    Oh my gosh, you are too funny!!!!!


    Thanks for the laugh tonight… I love the one about the email from your internet provider.

    I have been know to read my Insurance benefits book and thrown it across the room.

    I agree that you should make this a weekly post. 🙂

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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