Jul 122010
It’s Music Monday one of my favorite Meme’s to do…..

Yes, Music Monday! and today’s theme is July 12 – With your favorite number in the song’s title.  oooo That’s a hard one, but here it goes.
And an extra song just for you with a subliminal message…  ~hehe~

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  15 Responses to “MUSIC MONDAY!”


    Great choices! And, love your hidden message! LOL

    Happy MM!


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    This comment has been removed by the author.


    lol – I remember when 1999 seemed so far away and futuristic; makes me feel kind of old. Happy Music Monday ! Here is my post..http://cakeblast.com/entertainment/new-music-monday/nmm-electricity-in-our-homes/


    The funny thing is that I just went to the bank and this song was on the radio. I was thinking how 1999 prob. did seem so way off when this song was popular and here we are ELEVEN years later!

    Happy Music Monday!


    love your song choice for this week. 1 of them ive never heard the other i like alot. stopping by from music monday. hope you will have a good week



    I liked the 2nd song. I have even thought of putting that on my blog to encourage people to follow me too.


    hahaha, your message is hilarious! I like that song anyhow. I LOVE Prince!


    like this songs!


    Does remind me of back in the days. I was sooo young.

    what messages??/


    Thanks for sharing, nice post!


    Both these songs Dolly – as I think of you – fit you to a “T”. Funny how music can do that. Anyway, I gotta get in on this Monday Music thing. There are so blog hops and Monday’s this and Wednesday’s that – a lot of these participations get past me.


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    I’ve never been a Prince fan, but like Cakeblast, I remember when 1999 seemed so far away and when we were at a New Years Eve party 1998 and the first song after the count-down to midnight was THAT song… of, course!
    I do, however, love the second song and found it hysterical for it’s “subliminal” message!! You are too funny!!


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