Jul 152010

We sold the ol’ girl 1997 Honda Odyssey.  It was my mother-in-law’s car, but it was definitely time to trade her in.

We went to CarMax on Saturday, and we tested out a Navy blue Dodge that really didn’t have much extras at all, and when my husband found out there was NO cruise control — omg, you could here a pin drop!  “NO CRUISE CONTROL?”  Let me also tell you that the Honda was my car.  Okay, ya got that!  We were replacing MY car.  Hmmm, Now we need cruise control.  This is so we can take this vehicle on vacation, which is the last week of July.  Not sure where we’re going, but it’s leaning towards Busch Gardens in Virginia.  (I’ll let ya know later). 

Well, then we test drove a Champagne 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT.  Well, this baby has more gadgets then Carter’s has pills.  It tells you the degrees outside, which direction you’re going, automatic sliding doors on BOTH sides, and I could go on forever, and why are these things important you say?  Well, of course for hauling equipment when they have gigs!  “Oh gee, silly me, and I thought it was my car!  My mistake”.  “But baby it is your car, to go to the store and pick up his groceries, his beer, and his cigarettes!  Yep, my car!  Isn’t it wonderful!  What a truly wonderful husband I have!  ~hehe~.  

Yes, I do have a truly wonderful husband.  I have power seats, great air conditioning, a CD player, AND check out this halo lighting!  Truly awesome!  I feel like I’m on a plane.  Well, there’s so much more, but it’s getting late!  You want one more peak you say?!  SURE!  NO PROB!  To the left is my key!  Weird huh?  So that’s it!  Wanna go for a ride???  Weeeeeeeeeee

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    congrats on YOUR new vehicle 🙂


    Wow weeeeeee that is awesome! Congrat’s to you!


    When I saw the post title, I thought you were giving away a car…it’s even better, you’ve gotten a new one! Congrats on your new baby with tons of frills.


    I’d love to have that for the space!! I’ve been trying to talk my hubby into buying me a van and he refuses. 🙁 Maybe someday! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m following back!


    movin’ on up for sure! how fabulous. i rarely use my cruise control – hubby uses it constantly. i do miss my navigation system tho’ of telling me N, S, E, W because i NEVER know what direction i’m going in. i’m going forward. that much i do know!!! lol

    hope all is well and summer is super! thanks for coming by.

    hugs 🙂


    Taking us all on a ride with Smokey playing loud…how much fun is that. Thanks Dolly. Enjoy your new ride and make sure you keep us posted on where you guys decide to go. I’m so jealous. Smiles.



    congrats on your new wheels!


    What a great looking car. You do have a great husband but I’m thinking that he has a great wife too. Enjoy it.


    Bells and whistles up the wazoo! You are so lucky!


    nice post!


    Love it..Good Luck with hubby’s……oops…..your new car.


    Took me a while to get over to see your purdy new car, but I think it fits YOU perfectly! Love the photo of Dave!! TeeHee
    I’m sure it has a CD player so you can listen to his music while you are driving to pick up his beer & cigs, right?
    I still think you should have gotten the the red convertable!!

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