Jul 172010

Okay, it is a Mother’s duty to make her little girl happy, and it is a Grandmother’s duty to spoil her grandchildren, and send them home! Kisses So, help me spoil my grandchildren and vote for my daughter to win a Springfree Trampoline!  TrampolineMost of use will go to the ends of the earth to make their grand-children happy.   You see, there’s this fantastic give-away on Facebook sponsored by SpringFree trampolines. They are giving away 50 SpringFree Trampolines.  DANG – “50”!!!  HOLY JUMPIN’ GEE JEHOSHAPHAT!!!   We probably don’t stand a chance on winning unless we get a little help from all her readers, my readers, family, friends, strangers whoever!  I’m not picky!!!  So, grab all your buddies on line, and let’s click, click, click!!!

  OKAY OKAY – HERE WE GO!  A LITTLE EXTRA INCENTIVE!  If you guys vote for my daughter and she wins I’ll post a picture of me jumping on the dang thing!  Fat Woman 4  YES ME!  ONE PICTURE RIGHT HERE AS SOON AS SHE GETS IT!  HOW’S THAT????  Sheesh!  What I won’t do for my grandbabies, huh?

You see their vacation was canceled this summer due to my poor son-in-law being put out of work again.  CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG!?!   The laborers Union is on strike, and so is the Operators union. There is no end in sight, and actually we’re all starting to get a little worried, but so far she’s keeping the family busy at home,  and  we’re all praying  for this to be over soon.

The rules are simple, and voting is simple.  Just log into your facebook account, and then CLICK THIS LINK:


Just click the mighty VOTE BUTTON.  WAH-LAH  YOU JUST MADE NA-NEE & the grandbabies happy!  WOO HOO!  NO PROB!  

You don’t have to sign up for anything you’ll get no spam emails and you don’t even have to like Springfree on facebook to vote for my little girl’s family. All I ask is that you please take the time and vote just once.
One time that’s it – all over!  Come on it’ll only take ya a second!  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TOO!  ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT TO SEE THIS BIG OL’ GIRL ON THAT TRAMPOLINE POSTED RIGHT HERE!

Thanks my friends!  If you have any prob, just let me know!   We thank you!

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    Facebook would only let me do it once, but I hope you win. I’d love seeing a picture posted of you jumping on a trampoline, ha! ha! ha! Almost as much as I’d love hearing you play your accordian, wow. The talent we have around here. Good Luck!!



    I am a new follower via Over 40 Bloggers and I just voted because I too would do anything for my grand babies!!


    Already voted for your sweeties.


    you got my vote 🙂


    I voted. LOL can’t wait to see THAT picture!!!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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