Jul 192010
It’s Music Monday one of my favorite Meme’s to do…..

Yes, Music Monday! and today’s theme is July 26- A song you would sing at Karaoke.  Personally, I’m a Stevie Nicks fan or Linda Rhonstadt.  So, let me think!

Last Music Monday I gave you an extra song with a subliminal message just because I happen to think of the song that I just happened to like.  It was a flook.  I got so many comments on it that I decided to do it again on purpose & you figure out the subliminal message & tell me if you get it.  COME ON IT’S SO TOTALLY EASY! SOUND LIKE FUN?  Here we go!

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  7 Responses to “MUSIC MONDAY – LOVE IT!”


    thanks for the Aldi tip:) I love lemonade to.. generally everything that is cold and refreshing.. yaaaaaay for lemonade!!
    Have a good one;)


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    Great songs to start the week off with! Happy MM!


    You are a crack-up, my friend!


    I never knew Linda Ronstadt sang this song. I always thought it was just some country singer.

    Thanks for linking up!


    When Will I Be Loved use to be my theme song.


    You are teaching me new songs 🙂

    And look up there, joe is spreading spam.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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