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Welcome to Tips 2 Toes (Nails is under the 2) Open Mon. – Fri 10=8, and Sat 9-6, Sun. 10-4.  Located in North Aurora, IL.  If you would like any more information about this place just leave a comment, and ask I’ll send it to you.  Yesterday was the day that my girls, and I went to have our toes & nails done! Say hello to Mae! She’s my bud! I ask for her every time I go there. She knows exactly what I want, and the way I want it. Gotta love her. Plus she always puts some sort of fancy art work on my big toe, It’s really cool!

I totally love getting pedicures.  They are just so relaxing, and Mae gives great massages too.  She rubs my legs, and feet with this great seaweed, sandy mixture that really makes your skin soft.  Oh look,. there’s
one of my girl’s now drying her nails.  Awwwww!  She’s having so much fun. Okay Mae, we must move on, and now everyone heeerrrrrreee’s Vinny! 

YO VINNY!  WHERE’D YA GO??  Oh, there he is hard at work already.  He does absolutely fabulous work.  I’ve been going to Mae & Vinny now for over a year.  They know what I like, and I never change anything really except maybe the colors on my toes, and pictures.  Mae puts whatever pic that coincides with the season/holiday.  She also told me that if you where slippers/shoes all the time your feet/heels won’t dry out so bad, and peel etc., and if they are that way already Vaseline treatments will help considerably.  Rub Vaseline all over your feet, and put some old socks on, and go to bed.  Do that for a couple of nights, and I guarantee your feet will be much smoother.  It totally worked for me, and to be honest I had really bad heels, and dry skin.  Now they’re fabulous.  I know longer have to wear socks to bed, and my hubby loves they way they look now, and so do I.

Awww There’s my other girl.  Just look at those nails, and a little flower on her ring fingers, and oooo rhinestones too.  Well, come on you know I had to get into the act too!  Ahhhh  Always together.   Well, there you have it.  Thought we would share our fun times together, but alas all good fun must come to an end.  My Bria went home to her Mama this evening, and my Tatyanna goes home today.  Sniff — Sniff!  Gonna miss my babies hanging out with me for the past couple of weeks!  Me so sad!  Love you guys!  Gonna miss you lots!

(My Flashback Friday, and Aloha Friday will follow later this afternoon have to run my baby home).

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    Hey Dolly! Hope you guys arrived at Bush Gardens by now and are all settledin. I hope you will be able to post about what’s happening with you – but not to worry, we’ll see you when you get back. I see you’ve been having fun with your visiting your grandkids. What pretty girls. I love your nails and it looks like they were having a great time. Good for you.

    I’ll be checking back to see if you’re posting – if not here, maybe there’s some computer access at Kings Dominion – regardless – take some pictures so we can see when you get back. Have Fun!!!!!!


    Looks like a wonderful girly day! Glad you all had fun and your nails look gorgeous! It’s always nice to find a nail person that you like.


    I just love a good mani and pedi! 🙂


    Yay! I think girls should do htis together. I will try to do this with my girls.

    I’ve only had one pedi/mani in my life though!


    How fun! I need a pedicure so badly but somehow I never get around to it. Maybe I’lla ctually go when I can bring my daughter 🙂 I hate to leave her on weekends! Yes, I’m a clingy mom but it’s hard when you work all week!

    Have a wonderful weekend! I lived in Palatine and Chicago for most of my life 🙂


    Awwww so fun and so nice the nail lady let you post her picture too. How fun. Bree loved her nail spa day with her Nanee


    You must be lucky, you found a good and talented Mae. Her works look so nice and beautiful. The kids seemed to have a very good time. Will get some mani and pedi too!

    May Your Day Be Lovely,
    The Muse

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