Aug 042010

This is a picture I took at Busch Gardens in Virginia while I was waiting for my hubby to get off the ride “The Alpengiest”.  It totally took me off guard, and I bust out laughing.  People looked at me like I was nuts!  LOL  Here’s the ride.  Still working on my vacation post.  Hopefully tomorrow it will be ready!  Thanks for your patience.  Have a great Wednesday!

For more WW, visit Seven Clown Circus by clicking on her button below or her link, and take a look around while your there. It’s a great blog with many interesting things to read, and do! I love browsing around at her site.  Now, I’m not sure, but I believe there’s a new site where you hook up at & this is the link:

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  11 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY”


    Hi I’m one of the Hostess’ from The Naughty List! So glad to have you join the linkup, I would love to see your naughty list and have you join us again next week!


    That is hilarious!! Do they still have the Lochness Monster roller coaster?


    Oh, so that’s what happened to the “And the Agony of Defeat” guy!


    That is too funny. That would be me if I tried to ski.
    After seeing the ride, I can understand why you were waiting. I would never go on something like that.


    lol it kind of looks like he’s doing a headstand with skis on!


    I would of given it a double take too!
    Hope you had a wonderful vacation! welcome back! Faythe @GMT


    How funny is that?! I’m totally jealous…I would love to go to Busch Gardens!


    can not wait for your vacay post!
    i am sure marc and the boys would have LOVED that ride!


    Cool! I love roller coasters!!!!


    lol that is funny


    Did you go on any?

    I think I’d love to try.

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