Aug 072010

Drop Zone
Start of the Drop Zone!

o, here we are our last stop of our vacation, Kings Dominion.  The above is their Eiffel Tower we went up in, and here is a few pics we took of the grounds from on top of that tower.  Well, actually hubby took the pictures.  I stayed very close to the wall, and the elevator while I was on my scooter.  Little too scary for me!  Hubby went on that Tower Drop, and me 
I’ll stick to my Ferris Wheel. lol

Then of course we’d be tired from the day’s excitement, and got to go back to the hotel with this lovely pool waiting for us.  Totally cool!

I think he was flirting with me! ~hehe~ While waiting for Hubby to get off a ride I rode around taking in the sites.  Here’s cutie for ya!  Isn’t he special!  Then there was a squirrely little friend that decided to show up, and say hello too!  We just happen to catch this one!
So, back to the rides – I’m the official cameraman, and there he goes again.  Up, up, and away!  WOO HOO!  WHOOSH!  And back down to earth.  Just look at that shit eatin’ grin!  ROFL  He’s just a big boy who never grew up, and I wouldn’t have him any other way!

Then we have one more ride for meeeeeeeeeeeee!  Little difficult to get into, but I made it, and laughed my head off!  Kids probably thought I was nuts!  Now granted there was a few more rides I went on I couldn’t get pictures of like the White Water Rapids.  We saved that one for the day it was 108 degrees.  Virginia broke a record with that.

Now here’s a video that my husband didn’t even go on this ride, but I want you to see.  It was amazing!  I mean DANG!  Who dreams up this stuff, and invents this!??  Then again there’s always station identification!  Now for our commercial.

Our David the guitar for a brain searches out, and what does he find?  yes, the biggest dam head (machine-head) of a guitar there is!  Sheesh!  Now back to our show!

Guess she wants to get on too!

We had gone back to our room, and Dave went outside for a smoke, and was having a couple of cold ones.  Now, we stayed at Best Western, which was right on the property of Kings Dominion, and you can see many of the rides moving etc., and all the screams.  Totally cool!  All of a sudden he comes rushing in, and says loudly, “It’s mocking me”.  “It keeps mocking me”.  Yes, we must go back.”  HUH?  You’re kidding, right?  It’s an hour before closing, and who’s mocking you?  I said.  It was a ride called the, “Intimidator”!  A ride made after Dale Earnhardt.  So, I waited, and I waited.  Seems that Mr. Moody wanted to be in the front roll – first seat.  “Attention, Kings Dominion shall be closing in 30 minutes”.  I looked around in the little store, and found a cool mouse pad for Dave similar to the car picture here.  Very cool, and then… “Attention, Kings Dominion is now closed”, but where’s Dave?



EEEEEEEEEEEE – HAAAAAAAA Well folks, that’s all!  That’s how our vacation went.  Hope you enjoyed our week’s escapades!  I know we did!!!
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    nice pictures… i remember when I went there with my relatives, i had a blast riding all rollercoasters, the dropzone & the boat (not sure what it’s called)… it was fun but i don’t have a clear picture saved…

    – rache


    You and your love definitely had a great time! He is so like a little boy.

    I love the photos. I’d love to visit! Those rides are HUGE!

    Glad you enjoyed the time away!


    It looks like you had so much fun on your vacation! It’s great that you were able to get away!


    Thank you for taking us on your vacation by sharing the pics. Since following your vacation posts…was thinking the same thing about your hubby…big kid at heart. Looks like he had a blast!! I too would have been glued to the walls that high up.


    nice pictures, it seems you really had a great fun… thanks for following my blog… I will sign up to follow your blog also.


    Ha! ha! ha! You go Dave!!!! Now that’s how to enjoy a vacation. Glad to see you guys had a great time. I enjoyed it with you – great pictures. Big Smiles.


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