Aug 142010

I was invited to go to a dinner in Chicago Downtown at the BenPao Restaurant.  My husband never made it home on time, and either did my daughter’s (NightOwlMama), so we ventured off together.  Not knowing what to expect really we dressed casual, and headed for downtown, and parking wasn’t too much of a problem either.  We were greeted by three lovely ladies that were from My Blog Spark one of, which was Cristin Johnson I believe.  There was a room full of people (other bloggers), and the waiter came, and we ordered a beverage.

We started off with an appetizer.  Few things I never tried before, but we was game, and it was definitely tasty!

In between, my daughter and I had spent some long over due quality time together just chit-chatting about what else?  Our blogs between the two us.  Both of us expected possibly a hall with banquet tables, and speeches.  We were totally wrong,  It was just a quite little dinner, and a wonderful time with a very nice waiter I might add.  Then we had our main course; Beef and Broccoli and Orange Chicken that was incredible!

We both love Chinese food, so we were quite satisfied, and having a great time with this delicious meal.

Now, after we finished our meal.  We were chatting with another couple for a while, and then we noticed our dessert had come, but we were both so full we just kind of stared at it for a while when a hostess came around with fortune cookies.  Soon thereafter another hostess came to our table with a camera crew, and asked us to open our cookies.  Tricia did as I looked on, and Tricia had a very surprised look on her face.  What happened was the fortune in the cookie said we just ate…  Wanchai Ferry frozen dinner Beef & Broccoli and the Orange Chicken also. 

We were both just flabbergasted.  As I stated to our hostess my daughter is the pickiest eater in town (and so is her daughter by the way), and she loved it you know it’s good!  In fact, as you can see I went out, and got some for my family, and gave it to my husband and granddaughter just the other day, and well here’s what my granddaughter had to say… or not say about it! mmmmm…

So, all I had to do was run down to my local grocery store (Jewel), and pick some up, just follow the easy directions, pop the rice in the microwave, and sit down for a fancy Chinese food dinner (rice included), and the taste is incredible.  Totally moist, and full of flavor.  Just the way the hubby likes it and me too!  Will I get this again for my family?  You can bet your sweet…  well, of course I will!  lol  Run down to your local grocery store and get some tonight.  You can make a simple meal into a gourmet delight, and you can go to for some meal tips, and more information about other delightful dinners by Wanchai Ferry! 

Disclosure: In exchange for my honest opinion I was provided with the dinner, gift card, product and information through MyBlogSpark with regards to Wanchai Ferry products. Opinion is 100% my own.

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  7 Responses to “Wanchai Ferry® Incredible! MyBlogSpark dinner!”


    I have been curious about the Wanchai Ferry frozen meals…glad to hear they are awesomesauce!


    Thanks for the review. I have almost tried these meal many of time, but was always so unsure. I was just stopping by to invite you to join our spotlight Saturday Blog Hop. Link up your own blog and also spotlight your favorite blog you’d like to share with everyone. I hope to see you there! Have a fantastic weekend!



    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your life sounds very interesting. Happ weekend! 😀


    Fun! We’ve purchased Wanchai ferry before to have on hand for a quick, emergency meal when i don’t have time to cook a real dinner…but I have to tell you I would not be pleased to be tricked into eating it at a restaurant! I’m a little picky about restaurants, though 🙂


    They were yummy at the restaurant but I haven’t tried them at home yet. HOPE it turns out the same. THey sure got us didn’t they. LOL


    I can’t believe they tricked you! LOL

    I need to try those meals at home!


    That must have been quite a shock! We’ll have to try these, we love Chinese!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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