Aug 162010

It’s Music Monday one of my favorite Meme’s… 

Yes, Music Monday! …because it’s what moves me.  Isn’t that neat.  Okay, I think we need a perk me up song today, but it’s also MUSIC MONDAY… REWIND!  Okay, personally I love musicals and one of my favorite song from the movie, “SOUTH PACIFIC” is:


And now for a group from my early high school days (early 60’s).  Most of you were probably just born, but hey where’s my over 40’s club!?  Come on you know these guys.  Name that group?  Oh well, it’s right there!  ~hehe~  Have a groovy Music Monday!  Sign our list below so I can return your visit, and others that are so musically inclined.  ~hehe~  FEELIN’ GOOD IS ONLY A SONG AWAY!  

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    I’ve never seen or heard these two songs before.

    The first is cute and the second is perfect for dancing partner.


    If I could live in a previous decade, I would choose the 20s and 60s.

    BTW, my last Music Monday to host is Aug. 30th (I think – whatever the last Monday is of the month). Lack of participation is the main reason and it’s taking up a day in which I could be posting about my family adventures. I’m just burnt out on it. I thought more people would play along esp. on themed weeks but I guess not:-(


    Great choices! Thanks for MM!


    Oops that is supposed to say Happy MM!


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    I’m in your age group but I don’t even know!


    Thanks Dolly!!! I’m going to go back and enter 2 more times – I thought once would do it…now I’ll know better. You’re a true pal!

    I’m participating in this Music Monday’s linky with a Muddy Waters and Bessie Smith favorite. I remember seeing Little Anthony on a pbs Doo-Wop shop and he was fabulous! Where does the time go? Ugh!


    Just a note to all my musical buddies! I’m going to pick up the Music Mondays Hosting at the end of the month for my friend Tara at Keeping up with the Kelly’s. We want to thank her for a fun time, but she’s just burnt out due to not enough participants. Hopefully on our end of town we can pick up more musically inclined friends!


    Love the theme. Let me know for next week I want to join in the fun.

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