Aug 282010

Aren’t you curious to see what it looks like on the otherside of your blogging buddies screen?  I often wondered that  myself.  Does she have the same kind of room as I  have.  Does she have the same problems that I do when I sit at the computer too long?  Well, let me cure your curiosity.

When we first moved into our humble abode ten years ago this November – Thanksgiving to be exact; we bought what they call a handyman special.  I must add that we threw most of our money into our new house.  We bought a smaller home because all my children were married, and living on their own.  It was going to be our little honeymoon cottage in a way.  We’ll get into the remaking of our home another time, but here is what my office looked like in the very beginning.  It consisted of a sturdy folding table (folded tablecloth for a tad elegance), my phone & coffee (essentials), two kitchen chairs (one with a dictaphone, the other with my printer).  Check out that huge monitor.  Remember those?  There’s my bench for my feet to keep them up.  My water bottle, glasses, dictionary on the chair, shredder to the left, and a calendar on the wall.

Now, here is what it looks like today thanks to my sweet mother-in-law (and best friend), sister-in-law & family and my dear sweet hubby decided to upgrade me for Christmas.  Ahhhhhhhhhhh and oooooooooooooooo You say?  Yes.  I know, cool ain’t it!?!

This is where I sit most of the time.  Of course over the years a few things have changed.  There is a different chair, and there’s a small TV on top of my filing cabinet now too, so I can watch/listen to my Fox News in the morning.  As you can also see I still have my little stool under my desk for the big feets!  Only one gets to go up though the other foot is for my dictation pedal.  I am a transcriptionist also when I’m not blogging.  Also there’s a much nicer drape on the window now too.  Now, let me also say that this is the only room in the house we did not refinish.  We’re saving our money so we can eventually Z-Brick the two outside walls & we haven’t decided what we’re going to do with the other two walls, and we’re needing two door frames too.   There is an old hardwood floor, and we’re kind of contemplating if we should have it refinished or get a new one. 

So there you have it!  This is where I am to say HEY to all of you!  So, HEY!  Enjoy your weekend!  From Batavia, Illinois I wish you a wonderful weekend!  “HUGS”!Waving

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    I have wondered the same thing too. Your office looks sooo professional now. In a few months, I am getting my own room/office/library when we redo my son’s room when he moves out and into his own home that he just bought. Hmmmm thinking maybe even a deadbolt for the door…lol.


    Glad you like it & it was my idea of course. 🙂


    What a nice gift that was! I like your little office and your foot stool – I ain’t got the nerve to show you my situation – since I just have an area and not a whole room. But who knows I might just show everybody too…

    I was here earlier this morning and voted for you and I’m glad it’s helping. No wins yet for me, but who cares! I’m having great fun thanks to you. Who loves ya baby! Smiles.


    Very nice digs! I love environmental changes in my home. It’s like moving without all the cardboard boxes. Ha!


    I HAVE often wondered. You have a great blogging station there.

    Found you through a mutual follower. Like your blog.


    What a great idea :o) Hm…will have to remember something like this for a future post :o)

    Ah! Your office chair looks very comfy!

    Blessings & Aloha!


    Wow! It looks nicer! 🙂


    no wonder your butt looks good! what a great chair! i soooooooooo need a good chair!!! fabulous room.

    hugs 🙂


    I see your cute little plant too! Very nice gift and space!

    Nice space. What is outside your window?


    Nice gift for sure! I need one off those stools for my feet.
    ~Naila Moon

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