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I mentioned before she broke her hip, but she’s doing much better with that now, but she lives in assisted living right now, and she got dizzy the other day, so they took her to the hospital just for GP.  She’s okay.  I think she just wanted to flirt with all those handsome doctors.  My step-bro and I went to see her yesterday.

This is where I went this morning.  My doctor’s new office.  Isn’t it swank!  ~hehe~  See those glass windows?  It’s one of those games!  Guess which window is the door!  Sheesh!

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    awwww she looks good. glad you and uncle paulie had fun.

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    I’m glad your Auntie is o.k. Poor thing! At least she entertained herself with the doctors. 🙂


    Glad she’s on the mend now!!

    Your doctor is definitely swanky!


    Glad to hear she is doing better. Aren’t crazy brothers fun?
    My WW link for you


    She looks so sweet! Glad to hear that she is better 😉


    Your aunt is beautiful. glad she is doing better.


    Your comment about the windows made me laugh. I hate when I go somewhere and can’t find the door!


    Hey Paulie, you have a nice sister. Yikes, now that’s what I call a doctor’s office – pretty fancy. Hope your Aunt is feeling frisky and spry today.



    Awwww! Your Aunt Mitzi is adorable! And your doctor’s office IS swanky! You didn’t bang into the door/window, did you? 😉

    WW: Future Driver


    Your aunt Mitzi looks very sweet, you captured that well with the camera.


    glad shes getting better…
    this made me think of my nana…


    Awww, she is!


    Aww She’s Lovely!
    haha about the Doctor part- Even I would like to flirt with those handsome doctors 😀

    Aww and I hope the best for her…and happy that she is feeling better 🙂

    God Bless!


    I remember you mentioning when she was in for the hip. Glad she is doing better… She looks beautiful 🙂


    Aww I’m so glad she is doing much better. She is so cute!

    And guess which window is the door. lol. Love it , but yes it does look swank!

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