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Alicia over at More than Words started “Friday Photo Flashback” because of having so many pictures from her PRE-digital camera days. She thought it would be fun to scan them and share them here with you. I’m having so much fun doing this, that I would love for you to join us, too! So dig out the photo albums and put your scanner to good use! Don’t forget to sign in to MckLinky so we can all visit and comment on each others blogs!  I personally think it’s a great idea, and IT’S GREAT FUN! I totally love old pictures.  Please come join us.   Just sign up to my friend’s linky at Friday Photo Flashback (link above).  You’ll love walking down memory lane – just as I do!

September 1st would have been my mom & dad’s wedding anniversary, and they would have celebrated their 67th Wedding Anniversary!  So, I thought it only fitting to show you their honeymoon picture.   On the back of this picture it has written, “Russell and Carm taken and Riverview Park, June 17, 1943 on Wednesday night.  Ages 20 (my mom), and Nineteen (my dad).

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“In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So here on Fridays we’re taking it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’m asking a simple question for you to answer & nothing that requires a lengthy response.

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My question is:  Being as it was just my parents wedding anniversary, when is yours, and what year are you celebrating, and how did your hubby propose?

We have two wedding anniversaries.  We had been together since 1991, and that Christmas season Dave was laid off.  We were talking about Christmas a few nights before that, and he said to me the only thing I can afford to give you for Christmas is my name.  We eloped December 23rd, and got married by the Judge at the courthouse.  Then on June 24th after that we got married by the preacher in our backyard, so Dave’s Mom could see her only baby boy get married (and  his family).  You see Dave was a  42 yr. old bachelor (no kids either – I know a rare breed nowadays), and his family thought he’d never get married.  SURPRISE!  LOL  We’re celebrating our 11th Anniversary this December.   HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND & THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.  HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN REAL SOON!  DON’T FORGET TO CHECK OUT MY GIVE-AWAYS!

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    Our 30th anniversary will be celebrated on April 4th. He kind of proposed twice times. Unofficially when we were sitting in corridor of college waiting for our next class and then officially when I was recuperating from my 1st back operation.


    Our next anniversary is in June and we will be celebrating out 10th. My hubby proposed on July 4th weekend. We had no AC at my parent’s house. I had “passed out” from the heat and he went to ask permission to marry me. I missed this and the next day after a nice dinner and out, we went on a walk and he got down on one knee and proposed.


    How funny today is our 33rd wedding anniversary and I posted a similar question.
    My hubby will always say I asked him,LOL. My dad says I gave him an order, since we were in the military and I was higher ranked. However I remember Hubby asking me on my Couch in my Amish apartment.
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    It’ll be #25 in a little over a month.

    Have a great Friday!


    we will celebrate number 3 this year!!!


    We have 2 anniversaries, too! We got married at the Justice of the Peace on August 4th, but had a ‘surprise’ wedding ceremony during our house warming party on October 4th – complete with wedding dress, bridesmaids and all! All of our housewarming party guests were totally surprised. We just celebrated our 7th anniversary, though we’ve been together for over 13 years. 🙂

    Aloha: Staying Cool


    We were married 16 years this past June. Can’t believe it!


    We were married for 11 years this past July 10. It was an amazing day because we celebrated it at Disney World.


    What a fun question! We just celebrated our 2 year anniversary on July 18th! My husband proposed at a restaurant before dinner and of course I was so excited I hardly ate two bites when the food came 🙂


    celebrated our 23rd the past January 3, 2010. My hubby asked me to marry him 12,12,1986 5 days after we met


    what a fabulous picture!!!! and 67 yrs. can you imaginge being married 40 + years to the same person???? oy vey!

    my anniv. is Jan 2 and we’ll be celebrating 11 yrs of wedded bliss (where’s my gun). he never really proposed. he bought the marriage license and served it to me for dessert one nite. yeah, a funny guy right????

    hope your weekend is fabulous too. take the vistor home EARLY!!!

    hugs 🙂


    Wow. That’s such a sweet photo of your mom and dad.

    My anniversary is August last month and we celebrated 6yrs…that’s a long time with our cultural differences.

    Dh proposed from US to Jamaica. Phone call and then again when we met up.


    Thanks for sharing that photo, our anniversary is in July…. was 21 years!


    That picture is so special as if it was from a movie! I’m skipping question two…


    Thanks for stopping by 🙂 Sorry but I’m not married..


    Hi there, I’m visiting from the over 40s blog-hop too.
    We are coming up to 22 years in December – and kind of floored everyone when hubby proposed to me only 3 months after we had met and begun dating!
    Love the pic of your parents!
    Cate 🙂


    We just celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary on Thursday 9/2. My husband in quite chivalrous and asked me to marry him while on one knee. I felt like Cinderella and still do!


    Hi Dolly, thanks for popping by my blog thought Id pop over and visit yours in return, love the idea of scanning in old photos, dont have any of my mums wedding as it was during the war, but have some of my hubby and I weve been married 10years on the 9th of this month. with love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

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