Sep 062010
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This is so cool!  So, all you really have to do is run on over to You Tube, find your favorite song/video, an appropriate song for Labor Day or whatever song you would like us to groove too!Happy Labor Day

Now, I will think of a theme every other week to help out, and the week there isn’t a theme you can put whatever you like. Once your song is posted,  sign up to our linky, don’t forget to grab our “Monday’s Music Moves Me” Button (right side under my button), and (HERE’S THE FUN PART) pick from the links already there who you would like to groove with. That’s right!  Whoever  you like to shake a tailfeather with or bump, bump, bump!   Then twist/hop on over there & in your comment just say: ” I’LL FOLLOW YOU”.  Now, if you already follow them, you get to lead, and you can go on to the next person and keep groovin’ to the music!   That’s all that’s too it.  Does that sound like fun?

So, PICK A SONG, GRAB OUR NEW BUTTON, SIGN MC LINKY, GO FIND A PARTNER,AND COME BACK AND TELL US WHO IT IS!  Now don’t be a wallflower.  Okay, now if you see that someone has been there before you may still tag, and dance.  At the end of the day if you’d like to come back and post how many new partners (partners meaning new blogs your following, NOT the ones you are already following, and let me know how many.    The one with the most new partners will be featured next week in our number two spot for that week, and recognized.  I will email you, and let you know, so please leave your e-mail address with your amount of new partners!  That’s it!

My pick for today is:

Labor Day BBQI picked this one for all the picnics going on today.  HAPPY LABOR DAY EVERYONE!  I HOPE YOU’RE ALL HAVING FUN or have had fun all day!
Flip me a burger will ya!!!!  WOO WOO!  ENJOY & HAVE FUN!
Thanks for Subscribing to emails. Hope you stop by to comment, too.



    Enjoy your labor day and I’ll be back!


    I didn’t pick out a song/video, but I did write one. Does that count? Good luck with the new meme. I know you worked hard on it. Happy Labor day everyone!


    I’d go to any picnic you had that played that kind of music.
    What a sweet commet from Dave, I think you should keep that man. 🙂
    I hope you get LOTS of visitors and participants… I’ll try and check back later to see how you did. Love the button, girlfriend.


    That’s a pretty catchy tune! 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend!


    WTG GF on your new meme!!! GL!!!
    Wanted to stop by and say hi, and btw, I have been voting a lot!!


    Just wanted to put a note in here to thank all my Buds for stopping by! Just spreading the love and Happy Labor Day!


    Grabbed your Monday’s Music button and have it proudly displayed on my blog. BTW, please stop by my place an award is waiting for you to pick up.


    great meme…
    i will be visiting others on monday to see what they posted!
    now, i need to play your song, as i have never heard it!
    have a safe and happy day!


    I’ll follow you! Happy Monday Moves Me!

    Following everyone from 1-5!

    Great meme!


    It’s a fun idea, but music is not my area at all!!!!


    Woot Woot. Brings a new outlook on a boring Monday.


    well, i may not play, but i sure do LOVE your button. it’s definitely going in my sidebar. you are sooooooooooo creative!!!

    hope your weekend was fabulous!

    hugs 🙂


    This sounds fun! I’ll have to play along next week!


    Awesome! Will play along next week.


    You are a wonderful wife, and I’ll bet they didn’t even see my lips move when I commented!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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