Sep 122010
Okay, here’s my favorite guy, my Shawnie.  Shawn is my grandson, and his latest kick is pretending he’s a kitty.  Well, I think we’ve changed his mind to puppy now that I got his Baby Furry dog infant/toddler costume for Halloween from Costume Super Center.    Yes, Halloween.  Don’t blink because it’s really just around the corner.  Check the stores. There’s decorations everywhere!
     At first we didn’t want to put the costume on.  In fact, we were a little miffed, but then with a little coaxing from MaMa, NaNee, and even Big Sister we were definitely happy once again! In fact, I even heard a little woof!

With the weather changing the costume will add that little bit extra warmth for our toddler.  It has floppy ears and big brown spots scattered across the curly white faux fur, and no zippers or buttons; just easy to handle Velcro.   The head piece had attached big floppy ears (removable).   There are so many costumes to pick from.  Dragon slayers to Divas, and Mermaids too.

No costume, but isn’t she pretty!

Actually at you can order on-line.  Got questions?  Call their 1-800 number.  We’re having a Halloween Party, and the hubby’s band is going to play, so I’m going to have to come up with a pretty neat costume for myself at him.  They have adult costumes also.  Witches to Cowboys, and Lady GaGa to Vampires they’ve got it all.   They even have pet costumes to choose from.


What haven’t you ever tickled your puppy’s belly/
Now, if you want your cutie pie to look as sweet as my cutie pie… If you want adult sexy costumes, scary costumes, in Large or Plus sizes too, wigs, hats, accessories, make-up; Costume Super Center has it all, and they even have a Clearance section too, but they’re very reasonable to begin with.  Their Clearance section has toddler to adult.

So, hurry on over to Costume Super Center.  You have plenty of time before Halloween, and there’s a big sale going on, but it’s over today, so take some time out, and browse, and save!

They also have a baby contest going on.  Don’t forget to check that out, and vote, vote, vote!  That ends on November 10, 2010.

Uh-oh, I think my puppy wants to go for a walk!  You can go find your own puppy or maybe a kitty to take for a walk at  ENJOY!!!

*Disclaimer:  Product was provided by Costume Super or their participating PR in exchange for my opinion, which is 100% my own, and no monetary compensation was given.

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    So cute!!


    Oh my Goodness!!! That is too cute!!!


    He is just too adorable! What a cute costume. Wow, time is flying by. (didn’t forget to vote 🙂


    The dog costume is absolutely adorable! I love it! It’s hard to believe that Halloween is right around the corner!


    What an adorable little guy in his puppy costume. The plus is that he’ll be nice and warm if it’s a cold night outside.


    Cute pics!
    new follower from friendly friday!


    OH, Dolly, he looks so cute I want to take him home and add him to my litter. Don’t you think he’ll fit right in with my brood?
    That is such a great costume and you are so right, with the cold weather, it will help keep him warm and you won’t have to cover it with a coat.
    I really love it, you picked a great one.


    They have the cutest costumes don’t they!

    Very fun post. Love the photos.


    that’s a super nice costume!!! yay i would like my daughter to wear that.. gotta check out if they ship here 😀

    thanks for dropping by my blog dearie 🙂


    Just adorable!!


    What a cute puppy you have!!!

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