Sep 192010

This is my mother-in-law, and my best friend! Isn’t she gorgeous, and you know what so was her heart! She was the best lady I had every met, and I was proud to call her friend, and me Mum! We always hung out together, and went shopping, and garage sales, second hand stores, parties, relatives, etc.  She traveled all over the work.  New Zealand, China, Turkey, the Dead Sea, Italy, Hawaii, Austria, St. John’s, Spain, and Budapest.  Probably more places, but I can’t remember.  She was with a company too called Habitat for Humanity.  Ahhhh Ya just gotta love that lady! She’s been gone since 12/06/06.  We sure do miss her! 

She didn’t like birthdays, so that’s why we called this Harriette Day! I even made her a cake. I’m not much of a baker, but it’s a Banana Spice cake, and the frosting is whip cream! Nummers! There’s bananas on the inside! So come on over the coffee is on, and you can have a slice of cake!
As long as you’re here take a peek at my REVIEWS AND GIVE-AWAYS and don’t forget tomorrow’s FUN MEME – MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME!  IT’S FREEBIE DAY – YOU GET TO PICK ANY VIDEO YOU WANT TO MOVE IT TOO!  And hop around, and move to everyone else’s!  

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  9 Responses to “HAPPY HARRIETTE DAY!”


    I’m here and yes I’ll have a slice of the banana cake – it looks so good! Great, you have a fresh pot of coffee on….here’s to Harriette’s Day! I know she smiling and feeling proud somewhere near God knowing you haven’t forgotten about her. You done good Dolly!


    I’m sure Harriette is totally beaming. The cake looks absolutely delicious!! Happy Harriette Day!


    Bless her heart I’ know she’s smiling down 😀


    Happy Harriette Day!!!

    Thanks for following my blog, I’m following yours now too!!


    Yum! Wish I could have a slice of that cake! Banana is my absolute fave. Thanks for the follow, following you back.


    that banana spice cake sounds AMAZING..i love the way that you celebrate Hariette’s memory-so inspiring and so sweet 🙂


    Aww! That’s so sweet!


    super sweet post…
    and i would love a slice of that cake


    Dolly my friend, I think she passed her big ole’ hear right onto you! That is such a sweet post and I know that Harriette is smiling down on you, so proud of the woman you have become AND the friend that you are to others, myself included.
    Thanks for the cake and coffee – you know that if I were close enough I would be the first one there to have a cuppa and a slice and give you a great big hug.

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