Sep 262010

Oldest Granddaughter/ loves reading!

Only thing is I had all the growing pains when my children were little.  I was a single mother with four children, and money was tight, but I managed to get them mostly everything they needed, and wanted.  When I went shopping I liked to bring them a little something, and most of the time it was the educational coloring books for whatever grade they were in.  They loved them, and my two oldest turned out to be very bright in school, and had an easy time of it.  I also have grandchildren, going on nine (9) to be exact.  My oldest granddaughter loves to read, and read some more.

Now my two youngest didn’t seem to care for those books, and they had a much harder time.  I’m all for   educational toys, and books.  At they have so many cool toys, and educational toys.  Helpful?  You bet!  They have a gift finder in case you’re like me and you get brain freeze, and you haven’t a clue what to get your nephew or niece for their birthday because you haven’t reached their ages with your own children yet.  The best one I like is their “Deal of the Day”, and they keep selling it at that price until they run out!  Never have I heard of such a thing.

Middle Granddaughter/dance – read.

Youngest Granddaughter/play house

Plus they had their products by department, by age, by specialty and by brands. This is just a few things about this wonderful site. You just have to go check it out for yourself. Growing Tree Toys! The instant cure-all for Moms with a big headache for what to buy that’s safe, educational and fun! Personally, I think I found a new place to shop! Growing Tree Toys!

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    great post about the boks and gorgeous granddaughters! I’m not what to do for tomorrow! I will read and try to fugure it out!!!Yeay me!!and hope to hear from u!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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