Oct 062010

This is the hill I go down on Randall Rd. in Geneva, IL to go home from the Health and Wellness Center.  Isn’t it breath taking?

Here’s another new home for Wordless Wednesday  Parenting By Dummies.  Now I haven’t a clue what’s going on, and why there’s two.  Somebody tell me, and we’ll both know.  All I know is that Angie handed down her Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to Amanda aka Dumb Mom, and if Angie says she’s okay that’s good enough for me.

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    It is quite nice.


    I love how green everything is!


    Much better looking than the gray buildings round here…


    Very cool! I’ve lived in GA, and there you can’t see anything on the sides of the road but trees. They have to shade the road from the heat. Most of my life I’ve lived in MO and NE, and they have very open roads. Grassland.

    My WW is here: http://theapels.blogspot.com/2010/10/almost-wordless-wednesday-isaak.html


    That is a gorgeous view!


    Living in a touristy area, we see more billboards than nature on the interstate- except for going over the bridges, then we see water…LOL

    Enjoying your blog!


    I Like the Advertising and marketing.


    Very nice!


    Hey!! I know where that is 😀 😀 😀

    It really is pretty!


    nice not to see a bunch of billboards. but it looks like some by me, long ways between exits, so don’t miss it! I like your halloween “look”! ~hugs Faythe


    Yes indeed, it is!


    It’s so very nice to meet you! Thank you for your sweet words. And thanks for following … I’m following back! It’ll be so fun to get to know you. Have a great day!


    At least you had a relaxing ride going and coming. Hope that helped a little. Again, you’re in my prayers and I hope the surgery went off well. Just voted – hope everyone here has too (top white fence on the right people) Big hug!


    cool view!!!! Thanks for sharing


    It’s nice to have good scenery on our regular trips.


    You have taken a very nice decision to go the center of the health and the wellness center and also the picture which is there in the stating is very nice.


    that is a nice shot…
    must be a nice ride there

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