Oct 102010

“Brilliant Lenses with SR-8 provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots”. 

I LOVE HIS STUFF!  As you can see, it comes with a Micro-Fiber Cloth and carrying bag, and there’s two spray bottles.  I started blogging and I couldn’t see a thing with my filthy glasses.  I hate smudge glasses, and I though whoa, I have stuff to clean them from a review I need to do about Black Diamond Eyeglass cleaner.  I took my pictures, and opened the package, and began to spray.  Hmmm, that was quite easy, nice spray, smells good too!  

I cannot stand  when my glasses are all smudged up.  Mostly everything I read is so dang small it drives me nuts.  Sometimes even with my glasses on I need the magnifying glass so I can find out what degrees to put the oven on or which is the next ingredient.  Sheesh!

My glasses were really smudged the other day from a mishap the night before.  My husband bought me Kahlua & Cream bottles and handed me one while I was speaking to a friend. Little known to me he took the cap off.  Now, you know yourself you have to mix this type of drink, so I shook the bottle… well, the rest you can guess. I not only drenched my face with Kahlua, but my hair and sweat shirt too!  OKAY, NO LAUGHING HERE!  Well, okay!  Yes, it was funny.  I wiped my glasses the best I could with my shirt & I haven’t clean them until now.  I have two pairs of glasses.  The kind I wear all the time, driving etc., and computer glasses I bought at Osco that I use to see the computer better. Both were a mess.  Here’s what I mean.

Just look at those smudges and film.  Plus by cleaning the Black Diamond it has SR-8 Protector, a scratch resistance coating.  50X Scratch Resistance.  That is just too cool!  Now I’ve cleaned my glasses.  What do you think?   Personally, I think I’m carrying Black Diamond Eyeglass Cleaner & Protector wherever I go.  I put them on my face, and I exclaimed, “WOW”! 

You can check on more information about the cleanser at www.bdstoneworks.com.  “Brilliant Lenses with SR-8 provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots”.  Now, that’s one headache I won’t have anymore!  They also make other cleanses you can find out at their website.  Have a wonderful clear day!  I know I will!

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    Thanks for the review, Hubby and oldest boy are always putting their glasses down on the table with the lenses side down, which gets a few small scratches. Iam going to give this a try!


    That sounds like exactly what both my hubby and I need! He’s notorious for getting scratches on his glasses, and I’ve been negligent on getting new ones so my ‘scratch-resistant’ coating seems to be starting to go into fail mode. 🙂


    Love the sound of the cleaner… and how they got so dirty. TeeHee
    That sounds like something I would do because Bill is just as sweet as Dave and he would have opened it for me also. It is also one of my favorite drinks.
    Thanks for the great review.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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