Oct 132010

It’s Halloween time once again.  The witches and the goblins ooooo are flying on their brooms.  The witches and the goblins are coming very soon!  Come little children I’ll take thee away into my world of enchantment.  Come little children the time’s come to play into my garden of Magic!

Here’s another new home for Wordless Wednesday  Parenting By Dummies.  Now I haven’t a clue what’s going on, and why there’s two.  Somebody tell me, and we’ll both know.  All I know is that Angie handed down her Wordless/Wordful Wednesday to Amanda aka Dumb Mom, and if Angie says she’s okay that’s good enough for me.

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  18 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”


    Love how your house is decorated for Halloween.. happy WW


    Fun! I love your decorations. We haven’t decorated our house yet. I need to get on that since we don’t have many weeks left.


    have a great Wordless Wednesday.


    Looks great I love Halloween!


    You have it fixed up so great!!!! Love that!


    Well you’re all sorted for the Halloween season! I must get organised!

    Lovely photos.

    xx Jazzy


    I love your Halloween pictures. I have always loved Halloween. I will check out your Monday Music. Doylene


    Love all the decorations!


    I love it Dolly, great job! I’m a big kid come Halloween so I’m all for being drawn into enchanted places like yours. BOO! Smiles

    (Just voted at the top right white picket fence)


    Very nice and creative decorations!! Love them all!
    ~ Coreen


    so festive. Love it. Can’t wait to come over and see it


    Just wanted to stop by and say “hello”…I spotted you at Maria’s blog.
    Love how you’ve decorated your place for Halloween, looks like fun!!!
    I too am a “Gamma” of 3 and have been blessed with a fantastic second husband.
    I read your footnotes on Radiofrequency Ablation…I hope it is working for you. I have DTD..Disconcetive Tissue Disorder.I am going to mention it to my doctor,currently I am getting cortizone injections to relieve the pain.
    Thank you for your post,it was not only fun but informative.


    Such cute decorations!


    The decorations look bootiful!!! Not only will I pray that all goes well and that you are able to dance, I will even say a novena gf!


    LOVE the Halloween decor!! My son would be in heaven!


    Ooooh, look at you all decked out for Halloween xD

    I wish we could decorate-I haven’t been able to get outside unfortunately 🙁

    I can’t believe it’s coming so fast!!!

    P.s. You KNOW I’m going to be watching me some Hocus Pocus this holiday season ^.^


    how cute!
    wish i could take broxton trick or treating there


    Love the look. Can you come decorate mine? 🙂 Pleaseeeeeeeeeee. then you can meet the kids! Bring candy too 🙂

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