Oct 142010

So, as an Internet Traveler as in my description above I take the good, bad, and the oh so ugly in my travels, and I try to entertain myself, and find some bargains along the way.  Now, sometimes if I get truly lucky I find a site that’s just too cool!  CSN STORES is just that site.  Did you know that this website offers you such a wide variety of 200 plus stores on their website?  I personally was skeptical until I started pointing here and there, and there, and there, and there, and… well, dang!

ItalModern Alex Adjustable Barstool - 0435X 
We are contemplating on getting our basement refinished because my husband’s band practices down there, and so we need to make it look somewhat manly for when he entertains his friends as well.  So, my first project will be some bar stools to go with the bar he wants I’m sure.  Hmmm, What do you think of these?  Not the table just the chairs.  I thought they looked a little cyber-spaced.  Man, this is fun. 

I thought I’d let all my friends/readers know about what I’ve been messing with, and whatever it is I bet CSN has a store to find it in.  Totally cool!  I’ve seen home Improvements, baby items, housewares, furniture, and gardening all at CSN Stores. The best thing about this is I can help the hubby out with the decor for the basement right here from my desk.  So, disabled or not I’m still being productive, and having fun doing it.  It’s kind of like window shopping.  Anybody feel like going window shopping with me?

Oh, and by the way.  I also found out that CSN Stores has some really great sales too.  I’m certainly the one always out there looking for a bargain if only to brag about it!  lol

Disclosure: For this Teaser Post there was no monetary compensation exchanged.

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  6 Responses to “Have you ever heard of CSN/STORES.COM?”


    I’ve never shopped at CSN but maybe I need to browse a bit.


    They contacted me too… Wanted me to do a giveaway. CSN is a great hub for all things. 🙂


    I do! I do! Lol

    We can do a little window shopping and maybe grab lunch sometime? hehe.

    I know how it goes though-When you can’t really physically do anything, the internet is a wonderful, wonderful opportunity 🙂

    Although it can be a little dangerous for the wallet! Lol


    Hi Dolly,
    Stopping by to say hi. I am a bit late from Tuesday, but still wanted to say hi. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Best wishes,


    What a cute table set


    Totally love the variety of stuff they do have.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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