Oct 232010

The above picture is similar to my button.  This doll was my Mom’s.  My father gave it to her back in the 1950’s when it came on a Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Chocolate Candy box from Fannie Mae.  They use to make these heart shaped boxes with all kinds of things on the lids.  From jewelery to cute little romantical toys such as this doll.  Mom use to put it out every year at Valentine’s and Christmas (because she had red on), and her little Rudolph guy too!  So, I just thought you’d like to know the story behind my logo, and my name.  Christmas Dolly was so long that I wanted it to be unique in some way thus XmasDolly was born.  I’ve been using that name for years now every since e-mail came out! 

So, there ya go!  Just a little tid-bit for you and a history lesson in how XmasDolly and her logo came about!  Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget about “MONDAYS’ MUSIC MOVES ME”!  This week’s theme is your favorite Halloween tune! 

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    awwww what a love story. Isn’t it nice to be able to have such fond memories of our parents?
    btw..am getting carpal tunnel of index finger because of clicking on your fence lol how long is this for so I can stuck up on advil?


    That’s special! I wondered where your “name” derived from. The treasures are important memories in our lives, aren’t they?


    Awww! That’s an awesome story, love!

    Looking forward to Monday!


    Thanks for sharing the story behind the logo. The doll is gorgeous!


    Click Click Click my fence! Woo Hoo thanks CMash! I was checking today I am pg 6, with 179 votes. My daughter (NightOwlMaMa) is on page 3. Woo Hoo! Hey wait! She’s kickin’ up dust! VOTE VOTE VOTE~


    give me that MONSTER MASH!!!

    oh you’re good. i have NOTHING left from my mom, my grandmom or me from way back when. boo hoo.

    hope you’re feeling better.

    hugs 🙂


    That is such an adorable story! I love meaningful stories like that, especially when they have to do with something like a name 🙂

    Thank you for sharing with everyone!! I learned something new today xD


    Lovely Story…It’s special and sure romantic…Nowadays you just receive flowers but a Doll? Wow, Very cute 🙂

    I’ll be voting both for you and your daughter 😀


    Very interesting story! and very cool that you kept the same screenname all these years.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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