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Hope you had a great weekend!  As the Conductor of this GHOULISH TRAIN let me fill you in on who’s who.  I’m XmasDolly Frankenstein's Bride.  My fiendish co-conductors are: Lorie from The Shewbridges of Celebration, Florida, Halloween Ghost, Larry from Cakeblast Werewolf, & Callie from JAmericanSpice Mummy.

CLIMB ABOARD IF YOU DARE!!  We’re all eager to BOOgie with you!  We’d all like to F-O-L-L-O-W   U, as soon as you can get here, and leave us your link!  So, don’t forget to sign our linky & please leave a comment and say hi!
So, are ya ready to ROCK & ROLL?  OKAY CLIMB A-BOARD!   So this week’s theme is a Halloween tune.  Yes a Spooky kind of BOOgie tune!  So, that being said let’s all get aboard this GHOST TRAIN, and show some love!  GET YOUR FUNKY SPUNKY, AND LUBE YOUR GROOVE CUZ IT’S TIME TO TRICK OR TREAT!  BE CAREFUL OF WHO’S BLOG YOUR KNOCK ON YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S LURKING AROUND!   
So, here’s the steps to this party.

       First step:  Run over to You Tube, and lock & load!   Upcoming themes are over to you left.

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RaveRave Girl


Drum Roll
1. Our Pumpkin Patch and  Silent Chatter (Ten).

CONGRATS to our Spotlight couple.  No theme this week, SO mooooooooove Me.

SO HAPPY “ALMOST HALLOWEEN”!  This is our last Monday before Halloween, so our theme this week is SPOOKY SONGS/HALLOWEEN SONGS!  Well, here’s mine:

Now just so you can sleep tonight here’s one more I’m sure you’ll like:

**Just one more thing.  My daughter (NIGHTOWLMAMA) needs votes!  It’s a every 24 hr. thing  until the 30th if you could, PLEASE! This is really HUGE for her. She submitted a story about losing 3 yrs of photos from a computer crash she had, and it landed her in the TOP 5 spot out of 187 stories submitted. So how about?  They could possibly win a MM Prize Pack, which includes: a year of MiMedia 250Gig online backup, a new iPod Touch, and 32″ LCD HDTV w/ Blu-ray Player and built in WiFi for her and her family.  Isn’t that awesome?

She’s #3 and VOTING ENDS 10/30, and she’s already behind 3 days.  1 Vote, per day in a 24 Hour Period. With Christmas coming this would be huge for her family (4 Beautiful Children I might add).

If I can ever help you with a vote, comment, tweet, participate in your Meme don’t hesitate to ask. I can’t tell you how much this would mean to me, and my babies.  I thank you immensely that you would take the time.every day to vote until the 30th.  VOTE VOTE VOTE~!  YOU GUYS ARE DUH BEST! 

Thanks for Subscribing to emails. Hope you stop by to comment, too.

  24 Responses to “MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME! Let’s BOOgie!”


    What a great meme! I’ll have to join in soon!

    I’m so sorry about my non existent FPF post!! Last week was just CRAZY!!!!!!!


    Hi Dolly, I’m finally here to join. Didn’t make it last week due to work that extended til Monday night.

    The second vid is wonderful. And OMG the beginning sounds and picture of the first vid startled me I was laughing silly at myself 😀 Fun!

    Happy Monday and thanks for inviting me to this meme.


    White Zombie! wow, I saw them live in 1996 (I think it was) – great show with the Toadies and Supersuckers. I am still a fan but had never seen this wild and crazy spooky video. Perfect song for Halloween!

    I also like Frank Sinatra – some people may find it strange to like both White Zombie and Ol’ Blue Eyes but they are both awesome at what they do, and have both influenced countless singers.

    Have your Halloween is wicked fun.


    Just lyrics this time, but they go along with your theme! Happy Halloween everyone, and don’t forget to stop by at Nuff Said, and hear the latest from my band! Hey Hon, I voted for ya again! Both of them. I hope everyone here votes for you too.


    By the way, the band does “That’s Life” by ole’ blue eyes & it’s a cool song!


    I’m with Hazel – the first video cracked me up! 😉 I love how you have both a ‘spooky’ one and a ‘smoothy’ one! 😉


    Love your picks. You’ve got both ends of the spectrum covered today. Happy Halloween


    We were insanely in sync this week!


    OMG I never heard that song other than by KC and the Sunshine band. I love it and it’s so perfect for this week 🙂 And Frank Sinatra…I hadn’t heard that song in ages. Love it. Both choices are excellent. Have a wonderful week ahead 🙂


    Witchcraft is definitely one of my favorite Halloween songs. But, I’m more of a KC and the Sunshine Band kind of Boogieman lover. 😉

    Great picks! Happy Halloween!


    You know, We don’t celebrate Halloween. My country does has ghosts or something like that, and I ever met them (the ghosts). But if you said it’s Halloween, then It’s Halloween ^^


    I’m following you – and have been sending out some notes to folks to join.

    I love the song Witchcraft! 🙂 Thanks!


    Hey Dolly the Boogie man vid was awesome and Frank? Always a great choice. the page you hit was the MM Information page the post for our MM Halloween Bash is here http://www.blogginwithamanda.com/2010/10/24/musical-monday-halloween-bash/http://www.blogginwithamanda.com/2010/10/24/musical-monday-halloween-bash/
    Setbacks won’t stop us from playing!


    I HAD to do your music thingy because you did my reading thingy, well I think I did the music thingy.
    Guess Who!!


    I totally love your post, it is a contrast in music styles.
    They are both perfect for Halloween in their own ways. The video for Boogie Man is so cool and creepy at the same time.
    I also love Sinatra and his soulful sound.


    Oops, the missing “s” has been fixed sorry about that; sometimes when I’m in pain I tend to not catch the typographical errors I made. Thanks for hosting the blog hop and I’m sure I’ll be back. Music is life.
    Hollywood Glamorous


    hat’s a good one Luv that song LOL


    So sorry I was late with post…I was lucky to get in by the end of Monday..lol…I have been movin to much today. Hope your daughter can get the votes…that’s terrible losing photos like that and happens too often….HAPPY MMMM


    You are such a fun host! I love visiting. And your blog is looking just right for the season!

    Love your pics. Haven’t seen them before either.

    Will go vote for your sweetie.



    voted. now I’ll have to go find the confirmation link they sent.


    Eeeeeeeek!He’s going to be in my nightmares tooonight!Great pick!I’m a new participant & follower!=)


    Man! That takes me right back to the high school days when that soundtrack came out. One of my favorites songs when I was 15 and playing it at my job as a dishwasher. Great choice and thanks for the walk down memory lane…See you next Monday!


    what a classic…rob zombie is one twisted sucker….


    Do you not see the irony here? I’m kinda of puzzled, whether the author of this article a real person or a robot.
    So do you like this movie Inception? I think it’s a masterpiece, aside from the cast… they didn’t do a very good job, though they tried.
    In my humble opinion, there’s a lot of B.S. on this topic all over the internet. How do I know you are not just trying to sell something?
    Would anyone tell a joke about this? I can’t stand being depressed like this.

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