Nov 072010
King’s coat is already done!
Pattern for Fairy Godmother & material for the robe
Pinned material

Well, my youngest daughter, Melissa and her family just came back from Disney in Orlando, Florida. They went to the Halloween parade last Friday night. She made their costumes frantically right before they left. My grandson, Prince Edward, and my son-in-law, the King, and of course my daughter… wait for it — the Fairy Godmother~! HA! Betcha thought Cinderella! HA~ So did I. Oh well! Here we go just a few pics in the making!

Half-way there!
Trying on Daddy’s Crown for size!
The Royal Family & they’re Fairy Godmother!

She would call me, “Mom, you got any white gloves?”  I mailed them to her.  “Mom, I need a bald head, and some medals!”  She found them at her local Goodwill.  Actually, that’s where I told her to get most of her things.  I did check a few stores for her like the Halloween store that went up over here.  I believe it was called Spirit of Halloween or something like that.  So, let me show you the final results.  THEY ARE SO CUTE!  ~hehe~

Disney thought Scott (SIL) was so good they asked him to pose a few times with the evil step-sisters and step-mother.  Too funny!

Well, then the Fairy Godmother had to step in.  They’re lucky she didn’t turn them into toads! lol
Well, all good things must come to an end.  Bye Fairy God-Mother.  Give Prince Edward a smooch for me too!  Hope you had tons of fun.
Time to go home!
Prince Edward, and his loyal subjects.  Ooops how did that get in there.

When you wish upon a star your dreams will come true!
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  6 Responses to “Disney’s Halloween Parade”


    You did an awesome job w/ your blog


    Good job Missy. Looks like you guys had fun.


    Oh my goodness, what an AMAZING job! She did such a great job on those costumes and for it to be last minute!? Geeeeez O.o

    It definitely looks like they had a fun time!

    P.s. Goodwill=Favorite xD


    So fun….I wish I was so creative and could sew.. I really need to save and get my children to Disney I feel awful to have never takin them. Hopefully soon


    Awww Looks amazing~ So much fun for sure 🙂
    Thanks for sharing and yes sometimes you wish and dreams do come true 😀



    HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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