Nov 102010

Whoa, look at the time saver I found, but wait let’s step back a few minutes.  Who’s this walking in the door?  Why it’s NightOwlMama.  Hi Baby, how’s it goin?  (NightOwlMaMa is my daughter).

Now, my daughter has four children, and what do you think she sits around eating bon bons all day? She wants to go out, and do you think she sits and plays with her hair at the beauty shop, stops and does the manicure scene!?!  Well, check her out!  In she walks looking pretty as a picture.  “Look at you”, I said.  “When did you have time to get your hair done?”  She said, “Mom, silly!  “It’s your European Natural Hair Wig” that I borrowed.  The lil’ cutie!

That’s my European Natural Hair Wig, and my baby!


Mono Human Hair Wig – HM-Megan

Sepia Wigs

Favorite Wigs offers a collection of Sepia Wigs for example.  Although they have many brands, styles and colors you can enjoy browsing around getting the real you or a new you!   With over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing hair products, Sepia Wigs for example continues to expand their huge collection of quality wigs.  They have extensions for your hair or costume wigs, and accessories. 

 At they have such brands as Kathy Ireland, Lacers, Aspen, Besche, Carefree Collection, and Wig Pro Wigs just to name a few.  European All Natural Hair Wigs and hairpieces I am told will stay natural for a very long time.  The final touch with them professional cuts and hair styles are designed by professional salon experts.  Also, these wigs/hair pieces  are 25% lighter than conventional wigs, and they also allow for heat to pass through keeping your head much cooler.  Human haired wigs  are a affordable solution to having perfect hair all the time, and they’re easily styled any way you would like.  At they have synthetic and human haired wigs, wig accessories, costume wigs, African American Wigs, hair extensions, and hair pieces.

Eleanor (Sue)

Being a retired Cosmetician back in the day when women wore wiglets, falls and mini-falls, and yes all types of Wigs they were very fashionable in the Disco era.  I myself had a platinum Afro-Wig, and loved it. 

My neighbor has a Down Syndrome foster-sister that is totally bald, and she wears a wig.  So, I decided to surprise her, and give her my new European Real Hair Wig that I received from our sponsor.  She’s such a sweetie, and I thought she might like to have a new do!  She’s such a pretty thing, and her smile was worth a million  Wigs to me!

Jackie & Sue (Foster Sisters)
Sue says, “Thank you, and Bye-Bye!”

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So, check it out!  , and orders over $75.00 comes with free shipping.

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    Wow, they look great…very natural!


    Those wigs look great! Sue sure looks happy in her new do!


    Your daughter is gorgeous!!! I can’t even get past you being a grandma!! One hot Grandma for sure!

    Can I just say that it melted my heart that you gave Sue that wig? You’re wonderful beyond words! Sue, you look fab babe!


    Sue looks absolutely beautiful. And you my friend, have a huge heart. Having a sister who is disabled, I know how thrilled Sue will be for a very long time due to your kindness and friendship.


    They look great! I think it’s wonderful that you gave it to someone who really needed it! 🙂


    Those wigs are amazing! And how cool are you to give yours to the neighbor girl who needed it most! You ROCK! 🙂


    Wow! I would have never thought it was a wig! Its such a pretty style!… I am so touched by your selfless-ness that you showed by giving it to sue! She is absolutely stunning in it!


    WOW! What great looking wigs!! How nice of you to give yours to give yours to Sue. It looks like it made her very happy.
    I am your newest follower!


    I thought that was her daughter. What a beautiful thing to do. I’m sure she’s very grateful and it looks wonderful on her. They truly are very comfortable to wear, look and feel natural and I love that I didn’t feel like it was going to fall off my head. It wasn’t a style that I particularity would of picked out for my self but it was for your review. I love that after you had it on the latch in the back kept it snug. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting one for days when I just don’t have the time to polish myself up to run out. thanks for the loaner but I’m really glad that she has it. Bless her.


    Wow! It looks great!! You’re such an amazingly caring person to donate it to your neighbour. So incredibly thoughtful.


    So sweet!

    I didn’t know your daughter was Night Owl Mama…I love her! This blogging world just keeps getting smaller and smaller! 😉


    That is a really great looking wig. I’m so glad you were able to help your neighbor, she looks so pretty with her new do!


    Those look great, you would never know that those are a wigs. You are such an amazing person to offer that to your neighbor I`m sure you made her day !


    it looks great and you did a wonderful thing. God Bless



    I love that you gave the wig to your neighbor, what a sweet thing to do. I can’t get over how “real” that looks! Never would have known from the first two photos that it was anything but perfectly styled natural hair.


    So cute and nice of you!


    I bet that just made her smile forever. I have a sister with down syndrome, and I know if this was her, her day would be the best. The wig looks really “real”. Good for you to donate to her!


    What a neat way to pay it forward!


    what a wonderful thing you did! And the wig looks great!


    Awww! So sweet!!!!


    The wig looks grweat on your daughter and your neighbor. That’s a very kind and sweet thing you did giving her the wig. I’m sure she was delighted. As the mother of a child with Down Syndrome I wish there were more people like you.


    Wow that wig is pretty amazing looking! It does look super real! And that is SO sweet of you do donate it to your neighbor. 🙂


    Marie, I didn’t know you did that. You just added to the list of why I love you. You’re such a sweetheart. That’s my girl!


    love this post…
    it made me smile.
    the wig looks great (and natural) and so glad Sue will be able to enjoy it

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