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Alicia at More than Words startedFriday Photo Flashback . I’m having a blast & you can too so join us! Dig out the ol’ photo album, and put your scanner ON! Don’t forget to sign her Linky so we can all visit and comment on each others blogs! IT’S GREAT FUN! You’ll love walking down memory lane – just as I do!

This is my brother at Great Lakes in Illinois.  He was in boot camp there.  Later he was stationed on a supply ship off the coast of Viet Nam.  The U.S.S. Aludra and also the U.S.S. Mars in San Diego, CA.  Unfortunately, my brother passed away when he was 44 yrs. of age, in 1988 leaving a Wife, and four children. 

In honor of Veteran’s Day and my brother Russell W. Chamberlin, Jr.1964


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My question is:  When do you put up your Christmas tree and when do you start decorating?

I do Spring cleaning lightly.  It’s nothing like I do in the beginning of November.  Because now a days I take longer to do things I start in the beginning of November to do a thorough cleaning.  I windex and polish everything.  From pictures to the wood/shelves they sit on.  I wash and polish doors, shelves, and windex everything pictures, windows, and shelves/doors.  Then my Christmas village comes out on the shelves, but doesn’t get turned on until Thanksgving night.  Then all the decor comes out including the tree on Thanksgiving night or the day after.

Wasn’t that fun?  ~hehe~  Have a Great Weekend Everyone, and THANKS for stopping by, and following me.   Oh!  Don’t forget about this Monday – “MONDAY’S MUSIC MOVES ME”  it’s a Freebie this week.  So, surprise me!  I truly hope you ALL can make it. It’s tons of fun!  Have a great weekend!

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    Aww!! What a great way to honor your brother!!!!!! Yes..we are thinking the same this week!!!

    And as far as my Christmas tree, we don’t have a set date, but it is always after Thanksgiving.


    Usually the day after Thanksgiving because I don’t do the Black Friday shopping. This year I might venture out and so might wait until later in the weekend to put it up.


    We put up our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. I go nuts with décorating for Christmas, then regret it when we have to take it all down!


    That’s an awesome picture of your brother! What a great tribute to him.

    I do the same thing you do – light Spring cleaning, then deep cleaning starting the beginning of November. Usually the day after Thanksgiving (or over that weekend) I’ll start the Christmas decorating and put up the tree. 🙂

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    I would start next week.

    Have a good day.


    What a great pic of your brother. Beautiful way to honor him!!!


    Yes we do put up a tree. I will put it up this weekend. This is the first time doing it so early. But because we are going out of town I want to get a jump on it.
    My Friday Question for you


    To be honest, I haven’t even thought about it. We’ve been having summer-like weather.

    Have a great Friday!


    We put up our Christmas decor on Black Friday.


    In the middle of December I think 🙂


    I double-love that picture of your brother!! What a great time to post that. ♥ We put our tree up the Saturday after Thanksgiving (usually). Have a great weekend ~


    My tree goes up the day before Thanksgiving because it is a tradition for us. It’s in remembrance of a special person for us.

    I had 2 uncles who served at Great Lakes. One ended up on a sub off the coast of Vietnam and the other on a ship after the war.


    I don’t really have a set system, it changes every year. Definitely not till after Thanksgiving, but sometimes I might wait until the 1st of December or so.


    Lovely pic of your brother. My Xmas decorations change depending on my mood, sometimes I go OTT and other times I’m more minimalistic. Hubby hates OTT, because of the clearing up afetrwards, bah humbug! LOL! :O)


    No Christmas tree here since we are Jewish. Have to say, I love the simplicity of Chanukah with our menorah.


    Very nice tribute to your brother.

    I wait for December to put up our Tree…I don’t do much decor. It comes down to money for food or decor.


    we decorate after thanksgiving! we decorate with the decorations we already have. fortunately hubby’s family have a knack for gift giving ornaments every year, so we always have new ornaments each year.


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    Usually just after Thanksgiving . . . I’m so absolutely sick of it by Christmas though that I don’t why I’m always so anxious to get the tree put up.


    That photo of your brother is AMAZING! I love the older black and white stuff…totally priceless!!


    Hello Dolly!
    Love the honor of your brother.
    As for your question:
    I put up my decor and tree either the day of Thanksgiving or the day after.
    A tradition handed down from my Mother. 😉

    Stop by.
    Peace….Naila Moon;


    No X-mas tree, Jewish here


    Awww wonderful way on honoring veterans such as your brother 🙂
    Thanks for sharing~

    We put the christmas tree and decoration around thanksgiving..We dont have a special time, sometimes after thanksgiving and sometimes before 🙂


    Love the photo of your brother, thank you to your family for their service and sacrifice for our country.

    As for putting up our Christmas tree and decorating it, we usually do it the weekend after Thanksgiving.


    Great picture of your brother. Thanks for sharing that. Happy (belated) Veteran’s Day!


    What a wonderful picture of your brother! Thank you Russell for your services to our country ^.^

    As for Aloha Friday, we usually put our tree and decorations up after Thanksgiving-Not too early and not too late 🙂

    It sounds like you’re a crazy cleaning woman–I better watch out before I step in your way and you Windex my face! Hehe.

    Hope you and hubby are having a good weekend 🙂


    Thanks for the follow! Following back.


    LOVE the picture of your brother… you know how i feel about that…
    as for the Christmas tree…
    after thanksgiving, but before Christmas lol

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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