Nov 142010

Brilliant Lenses with SR-8 provides gentle superior cleaning while imparting an invisible durable barrier that resists scratches, soiling and water spots”.

Now our Sponsor has graciously agreed to “3”  Winners, and without further ado chosen by  here they are:

Our First Winner is:  #19  

Karenmed409 said…
2 shared on facebook Our Second Winner is:  #3
Busy Working Mama said…
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October 28, 2010 6:00 AM  
Our third and final winner is:  #57
jhitomi said…
voted for you 3 jhbalvin at gmail dot com
November 6, 2010 5:34 PM  CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!  CongratulationsYou will be receiving an email from me shortly, and you have 48 hours to claim your prize.  If you did not receive your email, please check your SPAM folder.  If you do not respond within 48 hours, I will be forced to pick another winner.  
THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO HAS ENTERED.  I have many upcoming reviews and give-aways coming up this week as soon as I get some time, but they will be this week.  Have a great day everyone and  Congrats!again to our winners!
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  7 Responses to “BRILLIANT LENSES Eye glass cleaner and protector – WINNER!”


    Thanks so much! I wanted to win this for my mom 🙂 Yay!!


    congrats to the winners.


    Thank you! I’ve been so wanting to try this!


    Congrats to the winners


    Congratulations to all the lucky winners!!

    I look forward to seeing all your future reviews and giveaways xD


    Congrats to the winners!


    Did you feel that? That’s me shaking my booty. 🙂 Thanks so much for selecting me for the spotlight dance this week. I love Music Mondays. It’s such a fun meme to kick off the week.

    Great Christmas picks this week! That 7 year old is AMAZING! Wow.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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