Nov 202010

Now here’s a gadget I can really get into.  It’s called “Whirl-a-Style“! No truer words ever spoken.  I have long hair, and it gets tangled very easily especially at night.  So, this time I found something for me.  Something to make my life easier!  Whirl-a-Style, and that’s what you do, whirl, and you’ve got  your style.

Now I don’t care for smelly, sticky hair-spray or bobby pins or hair pins.  We just don’t get along, and rubber bands breaks your hair, and gives you split ends. 

There so many ways you can use this Whirl-a-Style too, and I’m practicing all of them.  I’m a bit on the go just like many other women.  My husband loves long hair, so I have to come up with simplified things for me when I’m on a run.  I also belong to a health club, and I go three times a week for water therapy.  Once I get there up goes the hair, and now I don’t have to worry about some nasty pony tail tangling up my hair anymore, and when I do my water aerobics the Whirl-a-Style brings my hair up high enough that it doesn’t get wet.  It’s as simple as 1-2-3 oh that’s how elementary, it’s goin’ to be…

I don’t like doing the same old thing every day, and being as I use to be a licensed Beautician back in the day I’m definitely up to experiments.   So, a little roll here as you can see, and a whirl there.  Maybe brush it all on top of my head one day, and it holds firmly, and is quite comfortable.  Just slide your hair through the slit, roll it up and  CLICK!  You’re done.  To do it without Whirl-a-Style I would need a rubberband (which pulls out your hair, bobby pins, and tons of hair spray!  Did I say it might take you an hour to do it the old fashion way, and with Whirl-a-Style it only takes barely a minute?

The  Whirl-a-Style is a terrific “time saver” especially for women on the go.  As you can see there’s a lot of hair there, but it’s all tucked in. I have one loose, and a little  more revealing of my hair, and the other a bit tighter, and higher on my head.

This synthetic material grabs the hair without causing pulling and grabbing those tiny ends and  no tangles;  then shows a new do like you just had a beautician style your hair professionally.  Hmm…that easy!  See even I can do it!

This hair product is a soft, rubbery not thin, and not to thick.  It did not stick or pull on my hair at all.  I wasn’t quite sure how to make it work, but my daughter came over and she had it one, two, three.  I tried it the next day, and after a couple of tries I did it.  Now I take it with me every where I go.  I have all my friends at the health club asking me where I got it.  I have a lot of hair as you can see, and it will take you a minute more the longer it is, but it is actually quite simple and I was able to create it on the second try.  I simply pulled my hair through the Whirl-a-Style and pulled to the ends, and snap!  WAH LA!  It held my hair in place all day.   I will say it did tangle up in my hair when I tried it the first couple of times, but that’s all rectified now that I know what I’m doing.  

What a great stocking stuffer, and very reasonably priced at $9.50-$10.00.  There are many more hairstyles you can get into, and make or create one of your own!  I tried it when my hair was wet.  Fabulous when  you need to get it out of the way right now!   Want to read more about it?   Just visit: where this product can also be purchased.

Disclosure:  Thanks to PR Revolution or their participating PR  for the opportunity to review this product in an exchange for an honest review.  This opinion is 100% my own, and no monetary compensation was given. 

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    cool stuff!


    where’s the picture I took? Those are nice but add the one I took too. I think there’s probably a lot more than you can do with that. It’s a really neat concept


    this looks so great for the hair.


    This definitely looks like something I want to try – like you, I’m on the run a lot and always wanting to throw my hair up. Your hair is sooooo shiny! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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