Nov 282010

A Christmas Carol

*Pop-Up Book

So, shall we get started, and tell my most favorite Christmas Story, “A Christmas Carol”.  To my young grandchildren we must rearrange the story just a tad where it’s interesting for them too.  So, they came up with this Pop-Up-Book!

As you can see my grandchildren just love this book.  There was so much to see instead of me just rattling off words they actually had something to interact with.  The story came on these smaller books that slide in a pocket on each page.  The first book: The Enduring Appeal of “A Christmas Carol”, which gives a detailed description.  Also, The life of Charles Dickens.  It’s simply grand to know these little tidbits about the author I never knew before.

The second book goes on to tell the story, and starts out with, “Marley’s Ghost”, and I believe you know where the story goes from there.  Each page has another book to read from as the story goes on. When my grandchildren left I couldn’t wait to run in my room, and really read the story word for word in full 3D fashion with my book.  Yes, I said my book.  Something that only NaNee has to read to her babies!  They loved it, and kept them so entertained.  I guess that’s my cue to say, “God bless us, Every One!”   

Now if this is a must have book as it was for me you can now obtain it at the following website:   

Hachette book detail page:

Also, at this website below is a must have inter-active book for your I-Pad.  Check it out!  It’s awesome.

*Disclaimer: Product was provided by Hachette Book Group or their participating PR in exchange for honest review. Opinion is 100% my own and no monetary compensation was given. 

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  7 Responses to “"A CHRISTMAS CAROL" POP-UP-BOOK!”


    So glad you like my new book and I love seeing the pictures of you with the grandchildren. Thanks for
    mentioning the new iPad App too! Merry Christmas!
    Chuck Fischer


    Love this book, we are all big readers here. The kids like the pop up’s, when the pages pop up, it lets the kids imaginations go wild!
    Thanks for the review.


    This book is truly amazing and pictures don’t do it justice. the Pop up pictures tell their own story and kids are so drawn in they just love it. Keeping kids attention is hard enough but with a incredible book that not only delivers a message u can’t go wrong. Definitely a great gift for someone special


    Awwww, I absolutely LOVE those pictures-Looks like you are well loved by everybody just looking at all those kids flocking to your side {and I definitely can see why!}.

    A Christmas Story is a classic and I love how they made it into something the kids can really appreciate because it really is a great story with an amazing theme behind it!


    This book looks awesome! Love the pic of you with the grandkids, I can tell they’re loving it! sammiejanL40 at aol dot com


    That looks like a fantastic book – I love The Christmas Carol; never read the original by Charles Dickens, but our family watches the musical with Albert Finny every year..and would probably enjoy the pop-up book as well. Thanks for the review.


    My grandchildren are still toddlers. This “interactive” book might be able to hold their attention through the whole story–much better than a movie!

    ceis8009 at yahoo dot com

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