Dec 082010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LIL’ BRO & HIS WIFE.  My sister-in-law’s birthday was last Sunday and my Bro’s birthday is this Sunday and they’re both the same age.  He may be my step-brother, but I love him to pieces!  He is such a sweetie, and the kindest person you ever want to meet!  Love U Man!

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    remind me so I don’t forget would ya. Luv you ME


    Happy birthday lil’ bro and SIL, you have to be special people because you are related to Dolly and Tricia!!
    Hope you have great birthdays!


    Happy Holiday, Dolly! Haven’t seen you around BF lately, but it’s good to keep up through the blog! Take care!


    How sweet! Happy B-day to them!
    I just got back from celebrating my grandsons 5th b-day. hugs, Faythe ~GMT


    Happy Birthday to the Happy Couple!


    Love that picture! Happy (belated) B-Day to your sis-in-law, and Happy (early) B-Day to your brother! My brother’s birthday is Sunday, too! Us December babies are awesome! 😉


    Great picture..Happy Birthday to them!


    Happy Birthday. They seem like wonderful people. Glad you get along so well. That is wonderful.


    Cake! Cake! 🙂

    Happy birthday to both lovelies 🙂


    Happy Birthday to him! I have to say that he does look very friendly!

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