Dec 152010
Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas!  Yep, that’s me, and that’s my Christmas tree behind me.  Isn’t that pretty?  Normally, the window behind me would have lights on it, but I just couldn’t find those darn lights.  Everyone has been asking me to see my home, and I have so much that everyday starting today I’m going to show you a picture of my decorations on my Posts from now until Christmas!  Do I live at the North Pole do you ask? Hmmmm Could be!!!

Dave says, Merry Christmas too from behind his Egg Nog Shake!
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  14 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”


    The tree certainly is pretty!!! Love the pics.

    Happy WW!


    Your tree is beautiful. Did the elves help you decorate, if so, send them to my house lol.


    mmmmmmmmmmm egg nog shake… lol.. and such a pretty tree.. Merry Christmas to you and your too.. (=


    Your tree is beautiful!


    I love your tree! Gorgeous!


    The tree is GORGEOUS! Are you sure you don’t want THIS picture for your interview?

    Just kidding! LOL!

    Merry Christmas!


    Love your tree! So pretty 😉 Happy WW.


    fun. YOUR Tree is really beautiful great job


    Beautiful tree!


    OH look at your beautiful! I LOVE your pretty tree!

    Merry Christmas to you too and Dave!


    An eggnog shake sounds very yummy!


    Wow – I bet that shake has a gazillion calories. Yum!


    Oh Dolly, I love your tree and you look so lovely. I can’t wait to see the rest of your decorations.
    An Dave looks so cute behind his milkshake…. mmmmm!
    Merry Christmas to you both, and the rest of your family.
    P.S. I got your adorable card – your’s in on it’s way, you know how behind I am with everything.


    I LOVE Your tree!
    very pretty

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