Dec 292010
Christmas is over, but one more holiday remains.  So, we wait to take down all our decorations that took a month to put up.  I hate to see it go, but I guess that’s why we appreciate it that much more when it’s time to put it out once again.  I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all a very safe, and Healthy Happy New Year!p://” imageanchor=”1″ style=”margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;”>
From all of us to all of you

And from Santa and Betty too!
As we leave Christmas behind for another year
This house is still… 

Mom Spotted.


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  21 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”


    I know what you mean!! And we’re taking ours down tonight too!


    Happy New Years to you too! 😉 Thanks for the link y love too!

    I want to see you in your holiday photos!!! I have been fighting taking it down. I love the TREE but the rest of the clutter is getting on my nerves lol


    What a lovely tree – Merry Christmas 🙂


    My automatic lights are my favorite, because that means when I come up my street and pull into my drive way I can see my house lit up all the way.

    My mantle, sofa table, both trees and banister all lit up, I’ll hate to take it all down too. BUT! This year since I am pain free (practically) I’ll be able to put it all away nice and organized instead of shoving it in the closet and hoping the door closes.


    Very nice pictures. I want that sign. I love it.


    Very nice decorations. I’m dreading putting all of ours away.


    Pretty!! I wish we had decorated more this year for SURE. Happy New Year!


    happy, happy new year, my friend. let’s hope we see a little more of each other in 2011!

    hugs 🙂


    Beautiful tree!

    Happy New Year!


    Great tree. We are waiting to take ours down to. Sunday I think. Your tree kicks ours butt though.


    It’s so hard to see them go and definitely true what you say about appreciating them next time again and again.

    Your decor is beautiful!

    I hope you’ll continue to enjoy wonderful celebrations with your family.



    Your pictures are beautiful. I enjoy reading your blog. Doylene


    I thought I would be taking down my tree after 4 years, but we found a way to replace most of the burned out bulbs. and DH replaced them one at a time. so he gets his all seasons & holiday tree another year 🙂 I love the angel sign, too! Happy New Year, friend!
    ~Faythe @GMT~


    Hi Doll!!

    Come visit me!!

    I have a surprise for you!! 🙂


    Beautiful Christmas tree! I love the house when it is decorated, the lights are twinkling and it feels so bare when we take it all down!


    I’m your newest follower from the Over 40 Friday Blog Hop. Looking forward to visiting often.


    Visiting from the Friday Blog hop. I am lovin’ your blog here!
    Happy New Year


    Swinging by on the hop! I am so excited to participate in this – it’s my first time! Stop by The Wormhole Happy Reading!


    I’ve loved seeing all your decorations over the last month. You do such a beautiful job. I wish it could stay up all year also.
    Have a wonderful new year, my dear friend. Wish we could be together to ring in the new year. I will drink a toast to you and Dave at midnight. HUGGLES!


    Happy New Year!! Love your Angels sign!!


    your tree is awesome!
    we had to take the ornaments off the day after…
    Broxton wanted to take them all off and bring them to show everyone..

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