Jan 082011
Russell W. Chamberlin, Sr. (1944)

 1922 -1980  –  He died from lung Cancer.  Sure do miss him.  He had a saying for everything, and if he didn’t know how to do it he’d buy a book and learn.   He was a truck driver that went to work every single day to support his family, and give them all the things that they needed, and wanted.  Happy Birthday, Dad.  Love you.

20 yrs. old & a Taxi Cab Driver
Mom & Dad in the 60’s early 70’s 

I sure wish my mom put dates on her pictures.  I hate guessing, but there’s my handsome Dad.  Love you Man!  Miss you terribly!  Thanks for stopping by everyone and letting me share with you my most favorite man in my life.  Have a great day!

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    Happy Birthday to your Dad. Both of our Dads were Cabbies and servicemen. I lot mine in 1984.


    Your mom and dad look so happy in their pictures together. Yesterday’s, and again today.

    Sweet way to remember your dad on his birthday.


    Wonderful tribute post to your dad. He was very handsome. Love the tilt of his cap :o)
    And a great photo of your mom and dad too.

    Blessings & Aloha!


    What a looker he was! Aren’t dads just the greatest?


    Happy birthday to your dad.
    It’s precious to have him and these memories.



    Great tribute to your dad,we never stop missing them! Great loves live on.Blessings Jane


    Great tribute to your dad,we never stop missing them! Great loves live on.Blessings Jane


    yes, sometimes I wish I had dates on the photos too. Happy BD to your dad too


    What a nice looking man. I know he must have been very special to you. Happy Birthday, Dad!


    Thank you for following, and leaving such nice comments,I appreciate them so much,stop by and visit anytime,I will visiting here as well.Blessings Jane


    Happy Birthday to your dad! He definitely was a handsome devil, wasn’t he? xD

    What a beautiful tribute from daughter to father 🙂


    Happy birthday to your daddy… what a beautiful tribute!
    Love all the photos and the song.


    dads are the best…

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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