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Okay, I have to tell you guys, I’m not a bad cook.  I’ve posted some recipes and pics before that you’ve seen.  Not bad right?  Well, I have a confession to make.  I’ve never learned how to make gravy.  It’s either to thick or to soupy or to greasy!!!  HELP!  I made pork chops tonight & they were really good with mash potatoes, but the taters were the quick box kind.  Okay, they had cheese in it I wanted to try it.  Well, BLAH!  So, I thought some gravy would do the trick! THIS IS NOT GRAVY!  IT’S PUTTY! HELP!  Can anyone send me a recipe or HOW TO… ??? My stomach would appreciate it very much!


I made it with water, and flour (not sure how much flower maybe four heaping tablespoons, and spices in a cold glass of water.  Stirred vigorously and poured it in the Pork Chop grease.  It was extremely cement like so I poured milk, then poured some more, and more, and more.  This is what I came up with.  HELP!  Oh, it didn’t taste bad.  Actually quite tasty, but very thick and pasty like!   Teary

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    Forget the gravy. It’s not worth the calories. Just lick your lips after you bite into pork chop cause I know that those were good!
    wish i could help you with the Gravy but My Mom never had a luck with teaching me that one LMAO!!


    lol, Oops. I use corn starch. Recipe is on there. Good Luck & Happy WW!


    I can’t help you. I never learned how to make gravy either! I hope you find some help!! =)

    ~Mimi @ Woven by Words


    At first I thought those were refried beans!!

    LOL, okay..what I do is add just TWO tablespoons of flour and two tablespoons butter and let the cook for just a few seconds. Afterward, I’ll add milk, and I’ll put as much (or as little) I want, depending on how much gravy I need. Then, season with lots of salt and pepper!!


    I’m really good at gravy for some very odd reason. The biggest mistake you made was to pour in the pork chop grease , instead of using it as your fat base.

    After you make your pork chops and pull them out of the grease, grab a whisk and whisk the fat for about 30 seconds, just to get it moving. Try and guesstimate how much grease you have, so you know how much flour to put in.

    Example: If you have 3 Tablespoons of grease, you will need 3 tablespoons of flour. You don’t want to put anymore flour in than there is grease. Otherwise, the gravy will be thick and pasty.

    Add the flour SLOWLY. Whisk in a tablespoon at a time. It’s going to get thick and that’s a good thing at this stage.

    Next, get either milk or water( up to you entirely. you will need about a 1/2 – 1 cup to start with. add any and all spices now. ) Cook the flour/grease mix for about 45 seconds, only moving it enough so it won’t burn.

    SLOWLY add your liquids, about a 1/4 cup at a time, constantly whisking. Add enough liquid to get the consistency you desire . Make sure you are quickly whisking the liquid in, in order to get everything combined correctly, and to avoid lumpy gravy!

    The longer you cook the gravy, the thicker it gets. So only cook it long enough to get the desired consistency , otherwise you get paste.

    Enjoy! You can follow this basic recipe for any type of gravy.

    If you don’t make something fried, but still want gravy, make an easy “mock” chicken gravy. Follow the same recipe above, just sub the fat base for butter. Instead of using milk, use chicken stock.

    Hope I helped!


    maybe you should lessen the flour


    I was going to give you some direction, but it looks like Miss M has nailed it!


    I think Miss M solved your problem and it also help to have in your pantry some powdered gravy for emergencies like these …wink ,wink 🙂


    hahahaha! That gravy looks AWFUL! 🙂


    never ever ever use cold water. cold will cause the flour to turn to elmers glue paste and leave you with lumps. always use hot water. the hotter the better. add hot water and flour to a deep bowl or a deep cup. use a wisk and beat the… heck out of it. when you are done there will not be any lumps. turn heat on stove for the juices from the meat. pour the flour and water mix slowly and stir into your juices. if the mix is too thin you can add more flour (in the cup or bowl you used to mix NOT the juices). this mix will taste bland until you spice it up with salt and pepper. some like to add garlic POWDER (not salt) also.


    This actually makes me want to stick to my diet. LOL!

    Glad it didn’t taste bad 🙂


    I don’t eat gravy, but when I make it for my husband this is what I do. I take a few spoonfuls of the grease, add some flour and stir until it is kind of like a paste. Then I add milk (My husband doesn’t like it made with water). I use maybe a 1/2 to a cup of milk. I wisk it constantly until it the consistency I want. You can add pepper or salt with the flour if you want.

    Good luck! It took me a while to get it just right. Sorry I don’t have real measurement to give you. I never measure anything!


    I have limited talents, but I am great at gravies and sauces! Many of your previous commenters seem to also know how to do this well.

    It’s important to have same amount of fat and flour…and also to cook this mixture well (2-3 minutes) before adding liquid to keep gravy from tasting like paste. It should be nice and bubbly…then, while slowly adding liquid be sure to stir constantly.

    If you want to make a gravy or sauce with cornstarch instead…mix starch well with a little cold water then pour mixture into boiling liquid while stirring.

    Good luck!


    I can’t help you either because we don’t do gravy 🙂


    I have never eaten nor made gravy so I can’t help out at all!


    Buy a can? Heh heh. This made me laugh, and I’m glad wiser kitchen minds have chimed in with suggestions.


    Thanks to all! I may experiment, but maybe I’ll just keep a jar of gravy around for emergencies. LOL


    Oh look at all the wonderful suggestions. I so need to book mark this one Thanks


    Glad you posted this b/c I can’t make gravy either. Thanks to Miss M for filling us in. Also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for The Stylish blogger Award. You can see the rules and get the button here:


    Way to go girl! I see the young lady before me nominated you. Wow, that’s awesome.


    I don’t know so I was just soaking in everything Miss M just said 🙂

    Good luck!


    Dolly darling, I love you! I don’t know how to make gravy either. But at least Bill doesn’t like it, so I don’t have to worry about that.


    Looks like you got plenty of advice in gravy! I struggled for years to make good gravy, then I just decided to use cream of chicken and cream of mushroom soups for my gravy. Adding some liquid broth to the soups make them more flavorful!


    i have a hard time cooking, you do not want my advice

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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