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Hope you had a great weekend !  So, let’s get right down to it, and hear some ROCK & ROLL!  As Conductor of this SOUND TRAIN let me introduce who’s who!  I’m XmasDolly Head Conductor.  (YAY – HERE THE ROAR OF THE CROWD?)  My Co-Conductors:: Lorie from The Shewbridges of Celebration, Florida,(LOUD WHISTLING),  Larry from Cakeblast ,  (APPLAUSE – APPLAUSE)  & last, but not least Callie from JAmericanSpice  (APPLAUSE, ROAR OF THE CROWD, WHISTLES – YAYYYYYYYYYYYY)

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So, are ya ready to rock & roll?  I SAID ARE YOU READY TO ROCK & ROLL?  Well, all right then!  This week’s theme is a freebie!  Play what moves you, and gets your MOJO a  workin’!  woo hoo!   LET’S GET OUR FUNKY SPUNKY, AND LUBE YOUR GROOVE CUZ IT’S TIME TO SHAKE YOUR BOOTY!  FIND THOSE ROCKIN’ BLOGGERS AND TELL THEM DOLLY SENT YOU!  FOLLOW THEM AND THEN LEAD THEM BACK HERE!

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RaveRave Girl


Drum Roll


1.  #36 Gone Bananas and  2.  #19 Stacy Uncorked (Stacy)

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Freebie week is here, and today is also band practice, and the guys downstairs are trying to put together this song:

Yes, that was Bo Bice from American Idol singing, “Vehicle”.  Being as American Idol just started I just thought I’d put up a couple of my favorites being as I am a American Idol fan.  The next one is Kelly Clarkson in the very first season.
And who can forget Katharine McPhee doing, “Over the Rainbow”.
Last but not least, my favorite Carrie Underwood.  It was so hard for me to pick, but this one kind of stuck out in my mind.

As long as y’all are here would you please vote for me on the right here to win a free make-over.  There’s only a few days left, and I’d really like to win that blog make over.  Just click on the button on the right that says Win a Free Make-Over!  Thanks so much.  Some of you asked vote for what?  Sorry can’t get much plainer than our button here.  HUGS TO ALL AND THANKS!
Also, the winner of a coupon for free instant coffee and free Bob Evans is #44 Susan Smith, which was held for the 4M’s players only thanks to one of our conductors.  Thanks Larry at Cakeblast, your definitely a peach!  WOO HOO! Congratulations Susan!

4M’S Double Kiss

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  34 Responses to “Monday’s Music Moves Me!”


    Started watching American Idol again this year. I remember all your songs and loved them all!


    I did my post but i cant find the linky


    I love Idol! Those are some great flash backs over the season! I was pleasantly surprised by this year with the panel (thought I was gonna hate it)! I even did a little blog post about it http://kirsty815.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/american-idol-i-had-a-dream/! Anyway, thanks for featuring me in your spotlight dance! My MM is up! I only hope my dance moves are up to par! :-0 xx


    I wish I could post my daughter singing this version of Over The Rainbow when she played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Actually, Id like hear her sing it now, 10 years later.

    Carrie Underwood did The Dixie Chicks proud with that song! She was incredible!

    All of those videos were great!


    Congrats to Gone Banana and Stacy for the Spotlight Dance.

    I’m watching American Idols from my country and it always has been very entertaining. I love your choices. Katharine McPhee and Carrie Underwood belong to my favorite idols. Thanks for hosting another great 4M. Have a wonderful week 🙂


    Love the American Idol picks this week! I remember watching all these performances when they aired. Kelly Clarkson blew me away!

    As much as I love AI, I’m not watching it this season. I’ve heard it’s good but I’ve sworn it off. With Simon leaving, I felt a chapter had closed.


    Kelly is one of my favorites!! Good picks I like American Idol =)


    Ooh I love these. It’s great hearing stuff you’ve never heard before by artists you don’t know :O)


    Love Kelly Clarkson!


    American Idol has produced so many big artists already. I haven’t watched it since the early 90s when I changed residence and I lost that cable subscription. I remember a big ad of Kelly Clarkson’s concert in Macau when I was there last year. I didn’t even know Carrie Underwood was from American Idol… but thanks for the update. I voted for you.


    I remembered MMMM this week!!!
    HEY NOW!!!
    American Idol?
    I watched for a while… trying to get into this year…
    have a great week


    I’ve been watching American Idol since the beginning – you picked some GREAT songs from GREAT previous contestants! 🙂

    I’m doing a Happy Dance having been picked for the Spotlight Dance – thanks for your funny messages and comments, you always make my day! 🙂

    MMMM: Chaos and Fun


    I’m new this week 😉


    Already voted for you darling.

    Love your music choices today.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


    I’m not sure what voting for you is but I will try to find it. I don’t watch American Idol. I hope you have a great week. Doylene


    I see you chose the Idol way this week….all great choices.

    BTW, how do you know you are losing it? Well, if you take your time to write a post for certain meme you like, post it and then 4 hours later notice that you FORGOT to link up (yes, I did).


    You’re making me miss those old American Idol seasons and winners!


    I watched AI when it was first on, but over the years it just got too monotonous for me so I stopped. But I do have to admit they’ve given us many great artists!

    Those are all wonderful pics Dolly xD

    Have a musical week!


    I’m not a huge Idol fan, but I love Kelly Clarkson so much it’s ridiculous… and I never paid much attention to the other cats, but I’m kind of digging Bo now, haha!


    these girls and guy can sing! they are so good by the time they get to the end. who said singing isn’t about practicing? at least for some.


    I’ve never been an American Idol fan, but you picked some great songs. I really loved the Bo Bice song, he really rocked out, which you know is what I really like.
    You know also that of course I voted for you… I do every day! If anyone deserves a blog make over it is the you – the sweetest person I know. HUGS!!


    I’m probably the only person that’s never even seen American Idol…but great song choices!

    …and voted for ya’! Happy MMMM!!


    Love the cover of Somewhere Over the Rainbow! Theres a few good ones out there and I love them all! By the by, I voted for you, sorry for the delay and good luck. See you next week….


    I have not watched more than 3-4 full episodes of American Idol in my life. Bo Bice has great hair but doesn’t sing or act like the t-shirt and jeans guy that he is. He needs to go on “What not to Wear” and get a makeover (not that I have much room to speak.

    I like your other choices and Carrie Underwood is my favorite of the bunch as well – although Katharine McPhee had/has a beautiful voice.


    I just watched the Bo Bice thing again – in one segment he wears a fabulous dark vest and long-sleeve patterned button up shirt. The intro and end have him in a button-up shirt. His voice is good, but I was distracted by his perfect hair and then it cut to him in a black t-shirt that looked all heavy metal (or country rock) and I was like “hmmm – noo”


    I don’t watch American Idol, but these are great songs!


    I love this idea! I am glad the lady before me introduced me to it!!!!!! YEA!




    I number 11 on your linky and I voted for you. I came by before to vote but I didn’t scoll down far enough. Hope to see you next week!


    Visiting from Follow Me back Tuesday. Already a follower.


    Newest follower here from FMBT. I haven’t seen the new american idols though

    Follow Me Back Tuesday


    I’m a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! I would love a follow back:) It would be awesome if you could also follow me on Networked Blogs & Facebook too! You could also stumble my blog if you like 🙂

    Thanks, Misty


    new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday!


    I’m a new follower from Follow Me Back Tuesday! Should you wish to follow back – Im Shah from wordsinsync.blogspot.com XX

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