Feb 232011

Remember the old joke about the husband with the lampshade on his head…
I’ve got one of those!

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  20 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”


    I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything about a husband with a lampshade on their head. I’m sure I’m missing out!



    Yes, that is funny alright. He has the right attitude. 🙂


    I never heard that joke either. I think we need to hear it,lol.


    I hope you know, but I think you do, what a great guy you have there Mrs. Moody. He seems like he must keep you laughing 24/7!!


    I’ve seen a lot of cartoons and comics in the past featuring drunk guys at parties with lampshades on their heads – It must be so they can still see in case of a blackout lol

    Fortunately, your husband doesn’t look like a lush; you must have just told him to lighten up.


    There’s one in every family! lol


    Haha! The High Life of the party!! 🙂


    I love this!


    that’s too funny!


    HAHAHA – now that is very clever!


    HE’S THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE! LOL Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!


    LOL!!! Love the pic! What a sport!

    Happy WW!


    Silly hubby! I hope it doesn’t slip out of his hands, it looks heavy & would hurt worse than a hangover! Gulp!


    Dave and Bill are so much alike… always willing to do things for a laugh. To be the butt of the joke or just to do something to make you smile… or even just to have a photo on the blog.
    We are damn lucky aren’t we girlfriend? Give him a hug for me!!


    That is funny! But he seems to be lighting it up anyway 🙂

    Happy Thursday!


    Love the pic . . . he seems to be quite a character!

    Thanks for visiting my WW linky 🙂

    Hope you are having an awesome week . . . Gina

    Gina’s Wordless Wednesday


    Thanks for visiting. I’m following you now.


    Hey, I know that guy!


    Yall are so funny…
    Glad you have a humorous honey!

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