Mar 022011
Isn’t she a Cutie Pie?
Ooops! And one little dude!  (My Grandson Jerry, Granddaughter Brianna, and of course my Daughter, Tricia).
Shopping makes us hungry!

Ooops! Make that 2 little dudes! Our Shawnie

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  16 Responses to “WORDLESS WEDNESDAY!”


    What a nice way to spend the day. I hope when my kids have kids they’ll be close enough for me to spend an afternoon or a weekend with!!



    GREAT Now everyone knows I shop at walmart. LOL

    nope I drive an hour!! both ways!!


    What a lovely family and great grandma to be there with them for them. Looking good.


    What cute kids! Your family is lovely. 🙂


    So adorable and I’m jealous of her thick hair!!


    a girl day … how FUN!


    Thanks everyone for great comments, but I’ve got to insert here. I’m the Grandmother aka NaNee NOT the Great-Grandmother. Don’t know how that impression came across for Pat.NavyMom! WHEW! My daughter lives on the out skirts of Chicago & I live in the west suburbs. She drives at least once a week to see me. It’s a hike. She’s a good girl & loves her Mommy. Besides we have better stores out here! ~hehe~


    Shopping makes me hungry too! Everyone was involved in that trip!


    Looks like shopping is a fun group activity! I get starved too! and I SO have the song stuck in my head now (from your comments) 😉


    My kids love to shop with their nanna too. love that cute raincoat:)


    Everyone looks like they are having fun. Shopping makes me hungry, too.
    Tell Tricia not to worry about everyone knowing she shops at Walmart, we ALL do it… gotta save money wherever we can. 🙂


    Shopping makes me hungry too! 🙂 You have a beautiful family! And I’m with Lorie – Tricia doesn’t need to worry about shopping at Wal*Mart, we all do it! In fact, I did half my by-monthly grocery shopping there yesterday! 🙂

    WW: Waiting for Spring


    You are such a sweet grandmother. I wish my kids had these kind of experiences with their grands.


    i HATE walmart!
    lol, go in for one thing…
    find a million…
    spend tooooo much money!!!

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