Apr 162011

We were playing fetch in the house, and she so loves to play.  All I have to do is say, “Where’s the ball?”, and she’s off and running.  I have this long corridor from my office to the bedroom, and I throw the ball, and she prances back.  This time she slid on the rug in the bedroom, and YELP!  And this 3 legged dog came back to me whimpering, and blood was dripping on my floor.

What had happened was she cracked her entire nail off it was sticking into the pad of her foot.  That little black thing is her whole nail the Vet said just dropped out of her paw.  She’s on antibiotics and pain killers.  My poor baby!  ~sniff-sniff~  She was a trooper I must say.

She was next to my chair all day asleep.  She took her medicine very well that was hidden in a piece of sausage.  ~hehe~  Hey, who cares she took it, right?  Doctor says she’s overweight, so we’ll work on that now that Spring is here, and as soon as her paw gets better.  She weighs 72 lbs.  big moose, but she’s my moose.  Isn’t she beautiful, and she’s such a good dog!

She laid by me all day, and all night by my bed!
Our Baby!

I feel so bad for animals when they get hurt, and they can’t tell you what’s wrong!
We’re not sure if the nail will grow back, but we’ll see what the Vet says on the 19th.


All get well cards and good health wishes accepted for our baby!

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    awwwww Poor, poor Baby…I cringed when I saw that her nail came off…that HAD to have hurt…poor thing…she looks so sad…I think you should make her a whole day of people food to make her booboo better. Diet later. Give her a pat from me….Hope she feels better really soon. How did Trish make out?


    I was here this morning and reading about the poor doggies boo, boo, when the husband interrupted me, and I forgot to return. I too, feel sorry for animals that get hurt. I hope the doggie is feeling much better, today. We have had our share of doggie boo, boos over the years, so feel for you and your pooch. Hugs for the pooch.


    awe poor baby


    Awww! Look at that sad little puppy dog face 🙁 I just want to kiss it and make it all better!!

    My dog has issues with his nails must popping right off too-I honestly have NO idea why or how it happens, but like you said, it has got to be pretty painful >.< Poor little pup! I hope she’s feeling better soon!


    OH, NO!! Poor Baby… we all feel bad for her here at the Shewbridge house. So we are all sending hugs, kisses and licks.
    Get better soon!
    Bill, Lorie, Nano, Mia, Mandie, Mai-Li, Mumbo and Maila


    Oh my gosh…POOR BABY!!!!!!!!!! Makes me sad!! But, I’m glad she is going to be fine!


    Awww poor baby. Do you think she got it stuck on something. Did you look to see if you can find where so you can fix it so it doesn’t happen again. how much did that cost u? and antibiotics oh my glad to hear she’s taking them like a trooper


    Awwww! Poor baby! Sending warm thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery! She is a beautiful dog! 🙂


    AWE, my dogs went from playing to fighting last week, and one got a good bite on the ear, lots of blood, thought we would have to call in a crime scene clean up crew. Bandaged her ear and whole head to stop the bleeding and then they laid right down next to each other, like nothing ever happened. Dogs, never will figure them out and yes I truly wish they could talk. Hugs to your baby.


    Everyone’s hearts sure goes out to animals don’t they? Hope your dog is better soon.


    OUCH!!! Poor Baby…Hope she is better soon….she looks just like our Faifers:)

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