May 222011

Women’s La Divine Capri

SKU: WRA3369007000

Capri length compression pant with back mesh yoke and ball pockets storage.  Mesh gusset at crotch, and contrast color detail at bottom hem.  These are totally cool.  I love the feel and the way they fit.  See big girls can look cool too, and they stretch comfortably too!

The Wilson La Davine Capri Pant is a compression fit Capri that is lightweight?  Oh yeah, definitely.  It’ll definitely be a light weight garment for the summertime.  Breathable, and flattering?  Of course!  Look at me.  See Big girls can have that feeling too.  Guess what size they are.  Go ahead guess!  They’re an extra large!!!  ~lol~  Isn’t that stupendous??  I haven’t  tried on a xtra large since 2006.  Totally cool that I almost cried.  The premium technical fabric and design allow for maximum moisture wicking and comfort  Now comfort is very important to me.  As you all know I’ve been fighting my back since 2006 and the score is Back 8 and Me 0.  Now I also go to the Health & Wellness Center where the Capri’s has versatile functionality whether training in the gym, working out on the court, or just out and about running errands.

Now, I’ve been wearing them around the house, and due to recent surgery on my stomach I must say these pants are holding things together so to speak.  Totally cool!  I’ve worn them during a one time shot so far during therapy.  Walking, and chores that I do around the house. They don’t make me sweat, so that means the material doesn’t stick to me or cut into my skin or ride up or down.  That’s a good thing.  I love the way they look too.  I think they make me look skinnier.  What do you think?  They say that Tennis Players like these too, but to be very honest I don’t do tennis.  If you’ve come here to look at these from the health point of view you’ve come to the right place.  I personally would like to get another pair in a different color.  I really like them, and you will too!  They’re just toooooooooooo comfortable!

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  3 Responses to “Women’s La Divine Capri”


    I don’t know what it is but I love the way you say “mesh gusset at crotch”! W.C.C.


    You look absolutely fabulous my CM! That is so totally awesome that you can wear these and actually love them!

    I think it’s SO important to have a good pair of pants that make you look and feel fabulous, that are also as comfortable as these look 🙂

    I would love a pair of these for myself! I think they’d make some wonderful workout pants xD

    Great review!


    They look great on you.
    They sound really comfy and I’m glad that they are helping your tummy after your surgery.
    I love the contrast color at the bottom of leg.
    Thanks for a great review.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

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