Jun 252011
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Shopping you can trust, a welcoming community and a wealth of inspiring resources.

Eden Fantasys is not just a store where adults can buy adult toys, but it’s so much more than that.  They contribute to both men and women, and celebrate the fact that sexuality can be expressed in many ways. Their community members and contributors live all over the world.  They welcome everyone whether they be black or white, pink or green.  Male, female, fat or skinny, straight or not.  They have the goal of helping each person find a unique path toward sexual fulfillment. No matter who you are, you’ll fit right in their community.
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These are the different tabs you can visit and browse through (above).  Discuss personal matters and read about personal matters that may even help you.  Now, maybe you’re window shopping and you haven’t a clue what you want to make you happy.  They have forums, videos, interviews, and just plain ol’ window shopping from books, videos, lingerie, candles, soaps, and adult toys!  Come on!  You know you want too even if it is only to browse and put a thought in your head.  You’ll be back!  At first I thought I was a prude like the rest of you out there that hasn’t even looked at this site.  Well, get up off your high horse and browse because baby there ain’t nobody out there that’s going to do it for you.  This is why I wrote this Post to show you it’s really not all that bad.  Fine.  Have a look see in the morning while the kids are still in bed or off to school or visa verse when they go to bed at night.

Let me tell you about this one.  No one is too old for sex unless your body tells you “NO”!  Now that’s too sad!  This particular number I’m sure has saved many a marriage.  What about the girl that has back problems or isn’t strong enough to get it where it should be.  WAH LAH!!!  DANG I LOVE DIS PLACE!!!  I’m savin’ up for one of these myself.  Come on people it’s only a glorified pillow!  Get your nose out of the sky for heavens sake.  We all do it, and I’ll be the first to call you a liar if you say you don’t!  Now granted most say sex belongs behind closed doors, but what?  Are you having sex while you’re looking at this website?  Are you having sex while your shopping?  Are you having sex while you’re discussing sex with your friends over lunch?  The other day and I have sooooo got to share this with you.  This company I pitched to do a Post for (review/give-away) was all gun-ho to let me do their product & then all of a sudden they come back, and said, “NO”!  Your blog is to risque for our company.  Now let me tell you what the product was.  “PENS”!  Can you believe that?  FREAKIN’ PENS!  They didn’t want their company to be involved with my blog!  Oh Lord, help me to understand that one!

Look didn’t they not talk about sex in the bible when they say Abraham begot so & so, and Moses begot his wife, etc., etc.  Hello?  Somebody look up begot!  Didn’t they not say that Mary conceived Jesus through Immaculate conception.  Mary Magdalene wasn’t she a prostitute?  Hello?  This stuff is right out in the open “IN CHURCH”!  Now, okay!  I’m calm now, but really people, and your companies out there get off your dam high horse and get with the real world.  Sex is not a dirty word any more.

Eden Fantasies also has a Commitment to Privacy

At EdenFantasys, “we’re committed to our customers” privacy and have made this a high priority. Because of this, we”ve taken every precaution to eliminate the loss and dissemination of any and all sensitive and personal information. Using the best and most-up-to-date security software on the market, we ensure that customers” transactions and data stay with us…

Just one more thing.  Let me tell you about this nasty place, and what they’re doing in their Discussions forum, and this is why other companies don’t want their product on the same blog.  Let me just show you a few:

eden Gives Back A while back we did the did a community outreach thing where we had members of the community adopt families for holidays. We’ve been discussing turning it into a club, that would essentially be run by the community, for …

eden Gives Back

Hello everybody, and welcome to our third official Eden Gives Back meeting! Well, it’s going to take place right here anyway, on Monday, May 2nd at 7pm Eastern.

This month we’re going to be talking about any new ideas you’ve come up with, and also TacoODoom’s fundraiser, which you can find on the forum and on our really awesome Eden Gives Back Blog.

And the beat goes on…

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