Jul 062011
Happy Wordful Wednesday is a great day to post a picture that “speaks” for itself, no words needed OVER AT JAVA’S! So, I’ve found a new home for Wednesday, and I blog-hop all day long looking at great pics! How about you? 
The other day I put up two pictures of my Great Aunt’s whom I never met nor did I ever hear about them.  Never knew much about my Dad’s side of the family.  In 2006, when my mother passed away my daughter asked me to do a family tree with the knowledge I already had so I did.  My cousins on my mother’s side even helped me out, and added what they knew.  One day almost two weeks ago I received an email asking me if Dorothy Rausch was related to me, and I told her yes.  It was my grandmother, and she said we’re cousins. She sent me pictures of three Great Aunts who I’ve never seen.  How wonderful.  I shared two of those pics last week with you on Friday.  Below I received a letter with more info.  Check out those dates!  Woo Hoo!  Thought I’d share with my buds!  Enjoy Buds! ~hehe~

The Cakeblast with linky
Mom Spotted with linky

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