Jul 302011
and my Granddaughter.

Daddy & Mommy with the Birthday Girl
Big present from NaNee

So, we started out at my house and first the baby opened her birthday presents.  NaNee (me) got her a belly bank (dolphin), and a puppy in its own carrying case & a birth certificate.  Auntie Tricia got her a pet pillow – woo hoo!

ooo Dolphin Bank
& a puppy in a purse & make noises from NaNa too
While Auntie watches on with love (NightOwlMama)

Funway for the Birthday Girl woo hoo
Cousin & Sisters had fun too!

Cousins played
Cousin Shawn was interested in playing games.

 Now also we went to CiCi’s afterwards & had tons of Pizza!

Bowling anyone?
Cool Cake – Nummers!

I think she’s a happy camper!

So, thanks for coming to our birthday party.  Hope you enjoyed it!
Have a great day!

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