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I know you’re not surprised when I tell you that I have found the most “Stress Less” utensils for your kitchen.  Trudeau Corp. has updated and refined our basic kitchen tools to provide a “stress free” way of cooking.  So, is your curiosity tweaked yet?

You see they have a new line that will really be an eye opener especially for my friends/readers that have lack of strength due to arthritis or age.  The cramps in your hands that is caused by trying to get a firm grip, and then try and hold on to a knife much less a can opener.  Trudeau has put the joy back in cooking with these innovative kitchen tools that will allow us to prepare meals with greater ease and comfort, and believe it or not peace of mind.  Did you ever try to cut a pizza, and while you were fighting to get the cutter through to the other end you just slide off the pizza pan, and whoosh!!! You have just gouged a big scratch in your table?  Have you ever opened a can, and your little one came along & grabbed the lid, and sliced her/his finger, and it’s like one of those paper cuts or have you ever tried to grate cheese, and your hand was so weak you couldn’t hold the two together therefore… no cheese???

Stress Less Can opener, Stress Less Pizza Cutter (my husband’s favorite), and the Stress Less Cheese Grater a few of the utensils at Trudeau Corporation that is on their new line for a stress free life in the kitchen.  HA! Whatcha think?   SURPRISE!

Pizza Cutter/ I call this one “Swifty”! Weeeeeeeee

Can Opener – I call this one “Smoothy”

Now “LISTEN UP” this is important!  The new Stress Free Line of cookware is restoring cooking in my kitchen to a low level of stress for me!  One reason is when grandbabies are around, and they grab cans to lick the lids aren’t going to cut their tongues or little fingers.  That’s a relief!  It’s lightweight, easy use & totally safe.  The rotating cranking arm, which offers increased leverage folds in for compact storage.  I have so retired my bulky electric can opener, and I have more counter space.  Woo Hoo!  Now check this out!


Okay, so maybe the hubby is not a very good hand actor, BUT did you see my SMOOTHY pizza cutter just glide along that pizza? NUMMERS! Finnally, a pizza cutter I don’t have to fight with! Thank you Mr. Trudeau! Now the cheese grater is too cool also. I grated some cheese, and it was so easy & I didn’t have to fight with it at all, but unfortunately my pictures did not come out. Sorry! My new Stress Free tools for the kitchen are really some great products. I’m so happy I found these.

Now, check this out…  This is our Stress Free Grater that with its unique design all it takes is a gentle turn whether your left-handed like my daughter or right-handed like me!  Little or no effort with all of these utensils!  Totally effortlessly!

ERGONOMIC KITCHENWARE FROM TRUDEAU is giving not one, not two, but
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A “STRESS LESS” Can Opener, Cheese Grater & Pizza Cutter!
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Disclaimer: Trudeau Corp sent me Three Stress Less Kitchen Utensils for the purpose of this review.  The opinions I have given are mine, and may differ from others, and it was not influenced in any manner by monetary means and no monies were exchanged.

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