Sep 272011
Stay tune for station identification!  
Yes, it’s true!  Edenfantasys taught me that life is too short, so don’t worry… be happy!   I use to think that helping yourself out so to speak was only something that was between you and you!  Now there are many people out there that are prudes, and for less confrontation with them why broadcast it, right?  So, you keep it behind close doors between you and you or you and  your partner, but why not let your partner join in you say?  Hey Girlfriend, go for it!
*Now back to our regularly assigned station.
For many of us coffee is our first thought of the day other then hitting the powder room.  Just the thought of coffee gives us the buzz, energy and the power boost to ask ourselves should I take that second cup, do I make it at home or shell out another $4 bucks at the local Starbucks as I race to work?  So you decide to do both if you’ve seen the new research that suggests women who drink more than one cup a day may decrease their risk of depression.
The more coffee women drink, the greater we reduce our risk of depression according to this study, and since one in five women are diagnosed with depression at some point in life, it may be worth contemplating that double shot of espresso.  So, is it any wonder why
edenfantasys wants to meet us at the Cafe!
Let’s all go to the lobby, let’s all go to the lobby. Let’s all go to the lobby to get ourselves a drink.
So, back at the Cafe what do you find there? Whatever your heart desires.  There are reviews, opinions, about everything and anything.  So, what does eden fantasys mean to you?  Is it a toy store, clothing store, Victoria Secret deli with better prices, book or video store or maybe just a place to browse and relax!  Edenfantasys is whatever you want it to be, I’m sure!  To me it’s my fantasy store.  Now what or who do I want to be today?
Have a great day ladies!


**And now back to our regularly scheduled program!!!

(See my next Post)!

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