Oct 142011
The holidays are upon us once again!  Personally I’ve already started cleaning.  I do not do Spring cleaning I do HOLIDAY cleaning!  As you can tell by my blogger name I am so into Christmas, my most favorite time of year.  Getting together with all the family and love in the air.  So here’s what I do every year when it comes to planning.
1.  First of all, as I said I clean, clean, clean.  I put away non-holiday decor to make room for the holiday things.  
2.  Festive Christmas cards usually go out December 1st so in the beginning of December I’m searching for the most perfect Christmas card, envelopes, and return labels.  If it was my year to have Christmas I’d be looking for Christmas invitations too, but the SIL is having it this year.   This year I would like to get a picture took of our little family (hubby, myself & of course “Baby” our Black Lab). Doesn’t that sound cool?
3.  So to spread our holiday cheer this year it’ll definitely be our family portrait for family here, and in other states to relatives we don’t see that often.  So, clothes and poses shall be decided upon so better ask hubby for any suggestions.  I’m sure he’ll also want his guitar in on this family portrait.  I don’t have any competition except a red-headed guitar when it come to my husband.  Picking out cards together is always fun too, but I always win.
4.  Once cards are ordered time to fill them out and they are always mailed by December 1st.  I even want to order return-address labels that are seasonal and fitting according to the holiday.
 5.  So one night in November write up the cards, and get them ready for mailing with a nice Christmas stamp for December 1st.
6.  In the middle of November I put up my Christmas village (little houses & decor) on the two long shelves on my frontroom wall.  It’s a lot of work, and I like to take my time to make it just right.
7.  Thanksgiving the children come over, and I put them to work bringing up Christmas boxes for me.  Sometimes we put up the tree that night, but most of the time I wait until the following weekend, and up it goes.
8.  Right around the same time according to the weather we decorate outside.  All the summer decor was put away the first sign of Fall.  Hubby puts up the lights etc., while the weather is still fairly nice so he’s not freezing out there.
9.  Once outside is finished I usually take a picture of it, and send that around for Christmas, but this year definitely family portrait if hubby will sit still long enough.
10.  Last, but not least once the tree is up in the evening out come the presents, wrapping, and “It’s a Wonderful Life” to start off with, and the next ones is “The Santa Claus” I, II & III while wrapping presents maybe some hot chocolate or hot tea to go with it, and yes, hubby helps (most of the time hehehe), and when I go shopping I listen to nothing, but Christmas music to keep me in the mood!  Look out Black Friday is coming!  Last year I had a blast!  ho ho ho
So there you have it!  These are my starting plans for the holiday to get me off and running! 

Disclaimer:  I wrote this blog post while participating in the Storkie holiday blogging program. I received compensation for my participation. All opinions are 100% mine.


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