Nov 112011

Little Boys grow into big strong handsome men!  That’s what they say!  Snakes & Snails & Puppy dog tails & that’s what little boys are made of, but…

..more please!!!    
So, I’m here to tell you first of all if there are children in the room it’s time for them to take a nap or bedtime or whatever it is time for at your house because when you’re ready to continue let me know!  hmmm hmmm hmmm da-de-da..  OH!  Are you ready?  Good! IT’S MOMMY TIME!!!!  HURRAY!!!!!!!!!! SO LET’S SIT BACK & HAVE A LITTLE “ME” TIME & CHAT!    

Ah men!  You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.  They’re
all little boys at heart, and love to play games, AND all they want is more, more, more!  Isn’t that true???  

Ladies, now you know our men can’t live without us right?  Okay, and well… come on admit it!  We cannot live without them either.  HOGWASH!  ATTENTION EVERYONE!  WE’RE TAKING A FIRST STEP TOGETHER!  First we have to admit that we love ourselves RIGHT because without that…?  Yes, Yes, we know then until you love yourself you can’t love anyone else!  Yes! Yes!  We know!  Sooooooooo I LOVE ME!  I LOVE YOU! THAT’S WHY I’M SHARING WITH  YOU ALL THE GOODIES AT EDENFANTASYS.COM FOR ALL OF US!
So the next holiday is Thanksgiving heh!  Now let’s see what do I have to be thankful for?  Oh yes, my MIL for having such a wonderful boy that grew up to be such a wonderful man!  I guess it’s because of the way he loves me, and gives free reign to be me.  Yes, ‘ME’!  So, here we go let’s go window shopping what do you say?  Now, I’m a freebie, coupon hunting, and sale queen!  Yes MaMa, I luvs to save me some money, SO I CAN GET EVEN MORE STUFFS!  WOO HOO!  AND EDEN FANTASYS wants you too that’s why they always have sales going on!  So, I want to write about all the goings on at EdenFantasys right now!!!  How about this first off:


When you shop and buy their products they will give you a FREE gift such as:  


Check this out!  100 New Arrivals in the Lingerie Department!  Girls I’m talkin’ GLAM ROCK!

Now come on you knew I’d find somethin’ ROCKIN’!!  I am soooooo getting this soon!!  hehe  Don’t ya love it & there’s so much more!  I went bonkers when I saw all these new things, and the specials, and freebies, and there’s new things in almost every category!  Woo Hoo!    Plus, save on sex toys for men!  25% off!


Sex toys  surely aren’t for everyone so this is why also carries a very large selection of sensual and romantic products. Candles, creams & lotions,  massage oils, and bath & body products, videos, and CD’s for some romantic music to get in the mood, and even romantic and sexual books to enhance some good home sexual thinking.  At EdenFantasys they also have forums that if you like to discuss certain sexual topics or read other people’s opinions they have that too.  Now if you happen to like sex toys, but would like to be really discreet they totally understand.  They have products such as you see here too to hide your very own private lil’  toys as the one to the left called a Devine toy box pink corset, and a Lockable sex toy case  just to name a few.

So because the good people of EdenFantasys are getting in the festive mood with the holidays just around the corner they are offering one of my readers a whopping $80 Gift Certificate!  APPLAUSE – APPLAUSE!  Okay okay, all remain seated!  Time to enter:  

Mandatory: Browse  (no children in the room – ADULTS ONLY), and tell me one thing from your wish list.

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