Dec 142011

Happy December! The holidays are finally here, and you know just by my name XmasDolly that I’m in that festive mode on the highest level.  Well guess what so is EdenFantasys!

Check out this Christmas list (wonder if Mrs. Claus tries out this stuff first):
Booty Parlor Lip Lovely Set: Sugar Kisses Lip Scrub & Rescue Me Peppermint Lip Treatment (set of 2) – Silky smooth lips – sounds enticing to me!
Cake Beauty Winter Wonder Lip Gloss Trio (set of 3)  Ahhhh Just what I need for my purse.
12 Days of Christmas Lip Balm Set (set of 12)  oooo What a nice gift this would be for my BFF!
Cake Beauty Holiday Handful Trio: Hand cream (set of 3)  Ladies now you know what winter does to our hands.  One in the car, one in the purse and one on the night stand.  Al-right-a!
Cake Beauty Vanilla Snow Woman Glistening Bath and Shower Gel (set of 3)  This is for that special night when Gramma & Grandpa has the kids!  Definitely enticing.
Choose from 18 sex-toys
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70% off!
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*Disclaimer: I have been compensated by, an online sex toys retailer among other products.  I, XmasDolly wrote my own honest review, and honest opinions were used from the information I had gathered on the Internet.   My opinion is 100% my own and may vary from others, and no monetary compensation was given to me for this Post.

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