Dec 202011

Dr. Mary Gordon to the left & myself Hi, this is my cardiologist, and lately I’ve had a few problems and I believe I owe my readers a few explanations, and I’m going to try and make them short & sweet.  Last week I had a bad reaction to some new meds, but long story short this wonderful lady got me on the right track & I’m doing fine now as far as that’s concerned.
Right after my appointment we had lunch in North Aurora & I met up with “Glitterbabe” (Steph & good friend), and NightOwlMama (my daughter), and we had lunch at Harners. We had a great time I must say. Steph gave me some of her wonderful, gorgeous cards (by the way they’re all used up already they are to to precious), and I gave her some art stuff for her cards & my daughter got a free lunch & will have to wait for Christmas (I’m such a mean mommy).  There was a great time to be had I must say.  Tricia never met Steph, but they hit it off well.  
Now my days are a little mixed up, but I believe that’s when my dark cloud rolled in.  I lost my close cousin Dom, and then a few days ago I lost my brother’s wife Linda, my sister-in-law.  Sunday was the wake & Monday was the funeral.  So I would like to apologize here and now to all my readers/followers for Monday’s Music Moves Me for not being present today, but the Funeral wasn’t the only reason.  Saturday I had an accident.  I slipped & fell on my stairs while I was sweeping a bit of snow. I slipped cracked my head on the stairs & yelled for Dave.  He was in the house in the study, which is on the other side of the house & couldn’t hear me.  I cracked my head so hard I saw stars & my head & butt was really hurting & I was sitting on a very wet stair & driveway.  I yelled & nothing.  My dog was out with me & I tried to tell the dog to go get Daddy, but I only frustrated her more.  I couldn’t move from the waist down & I did finally reach the broom I had & started banging on the railing & still nothing.  I yelled, and I cried & still no Dave.  Finally about 20 minutes later a little girl about 12 was walking her dog & my dog barked at hers & caught her attention to me on the ground.  She yelled are you alright?  No, could you come over and ring my door bell & get my husband?  She did & he came out & tried to pick me up and when he put his arms under my arms & back & tried to lift I heard another crack & I whispered in his ear 911.  He ran inside (he was only wearing a robe & I thanked the little girl. & said she could go.  I was freezing & asked for a blanket & Dave came out after putting clothes on & the ambulance was there. They got me on a gurney & in the ambulance.  I guess I was so cold my veins collapsed & they couldn’t get a IV INTO ME.  

Anyway, shorten the story some here I’m alright.  I woke up with a New Years Eve hangover & coconut bump to the head, but nothing broke except my pride.  I did make it to my SIL wake with the help of a walker, some drugs & my husband not to mention my eldest son by my side the whole time, but didn’t make the funeral due to all the dam drugs I’m on.  So, I will visit my 4M followers/friends from yesterday soon.  I will not let you down, but a big thank you goes out to Denise DMT for covering for me if she got my message and the rest of my co-elves for holding down the fort.  Lorie, Callie & Stacy!  Love you guys!  and MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!  HUGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ


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