Jan 102012

Do you have a clue how much the medium size chili costs at White Castle? $3.59, and this is what you get, and it was cold.  Not warm, COLD.  It was a half of a cup.  I  mean dam!!

Remember when you use to get an over flowing box of fries? Not at this place!

We asked for everything on our #2 we’re talking a dot of ketchup & a dot of mustard & barely warm.  I won’t order shakes there because their whip cream is so thick you could frost a cake with it and the shake itself taste like chalk.  Now this doesn’t happen all the time, but once is too many, but it’s been happening a lot lately. The White Castle in Batavia (at night) is giving White Castle’s a bad name.  I’m really ticked about the chili.

WHITE CASTLES you need to come down hard on these people.  They’re really giving you a bad name.  Batavia, IL.  I’ll tell you what we stopped going there, and we’ll try Wendy’s chili or Steak & Shake, but it won’t be White Castle any more!  That’s just sad!
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