Jan 222012

Okay, all my friends heads up because I think I miss the deadline on this Purex Triple Action Formula, but I’m not sure. When they were doing this is when I caught the bronchial pneumonia if you remember correctly.I’m Looking into it now, so we’ll see this might turn into a give-away, but I’m not sure, but in the mean time let me tell you all I’ve learned.  In fact, I’ll show you because you won’t believe it.  As they say actions to speak louder than words, and I wanted you to see it to believe it because I’m a show me kind of gal too.  It seems that I’ve totally changed over to Purex.  I’m totally in love with the crystals (purple one is my favorite).  First of all, when I got sick I gave my husband a list of things to get like Halls cough drops, Lysol disinfection spray, Kleexex you know the usual stuff.  Instead of some strong laundry detergent and bleach.  I decided to try this Purex UltraPacks to get rid of the the germs and dirt etc. I usually as soon as I’m feeling a tad better I wash everything.  Sheets, blankets, spray pillows with lysol, and then take a hot shower. drink my V8 juice & back to bed.

Now as long as I was down there I cleaned my husband’s work clothes and here’s what happen with those because I’m not doing a commercial here I’m telling my friends here’s what happen because my husband is a truck driver and you know those clothes are probably one of the dirtiest clothes where are.  Purex you have your work cut out for  you.
Anyway, seeing is believing.  Right?  Well, go below and watch my movie. 

You know they say this, and they say that in magazines, on the back of the box and on the internet, but you know what?  Keep you $500 words and just SHOW ME… then I’ll make up my mind up.  What do you think?  So would you like to try this too?  Believe me you won’t be disappointed.  

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